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The Ed Show for Friday, March 21st, 2014

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March 21, 2014

Guests: Leo Gerard, Anna Galland, Richard Gillespie, Michael Fortune, Mitch

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to the Ed
Show live from New York, let get to work.


SEN. JOHN BOEHNER, (R-OH) HOUSE SPEAKER: Where are the jobs?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`ve got a party nationally that has a hard time
losing midterms.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They`re counting on the fact that the Democratic
base will not turn out in the midterm elections.

BOEHNER: We`re broke. America is broke.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So why is that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There is a party working to extend opportunity
for all.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Big differences between Democrats and
Republicans attitude towards Americas working families.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And another we`ll just focus only on
opportunities for a few.

BOEHNER: And we have a plan to extend the emergency on employment
benefits. I considered Obama and was paid for to expand the economy and
create more jobs.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching.

Well, there`s really two big stories on the globe right now. One of
them is a missing plane, the other one is basketball here in America.

345 teams go into the gym and 64 of them end up in the big dance.
Millions of people are watching. And when you watch all of the sudden
there`s names that are put in front of you like, "Where`d that guy come
from? Is he good? What about that team doing winning?" You`re a little
surprised aren`t you? Heck, it`s the tournament. You never know what`s
going to happen.

And then you start thinking well, that team is really got good
chemistry. You know what you got to have to get to the 60/14 team field?
The first thing you have to have if you`re going to build any kind of a
team or any kind of alliance, you got to have loyalty, you got to be loyal,
you got to be loyal to the coach, you got to be loyal to your players.
Because when it gets down to the wire, if you don`t have that loyalty, if
you don`t have that belief on one another, it ain`t going to happen.

How does that loyalty develop? Gosh, that team just showed up on TV
and started hitting shots. No. It all starts in here. It starts right
here in the gym when nobody`s looking, nobody`s paying attention to those
teams that are coming out of nowhere, knocking off Duke? Duke, lost today?
How did that happen?

North Dakota State they beat Oklahoma? They must have worked really
hard right here. They must have developed that loyalty when nobody was
watching. Let me ask you a question. Do you think this guy right here, do
you think he`s loyal? Do you think he`s loyal to American workers? Do you
think he`s one of those guys that behind the scenes when nobody else is
watching that he`s right there with you workers in Lorain, Ohio? You can
count on your guy from the Buckeye state. I say BS to that.

Let me tell you about this guy right here John Boehner. We`re living
in the age of obstruction. I don`t know if he hates the president or not,
but he sure as hell doesn`t want see him succeed. So there`s no jobs
package, there`s no protection at all when it comes to American workers
which we`ll explain more in a moment. And there`s not even any help for
the long term unemployed. Does that sound like a loyal guy to you?

This guy is off the rails. John Boehner is taking his blatant
Republican obstruction to a new level, to his own -- playing the zone of we
don`t give a damn.

As of today, over two million people have lost their unemployment
insurance because Congress has decided, "We don`t care about those folks in
the stand. We got our own game."

Last week, the Senate finally compromised on a small deal to help
these Americans out. But this guy, no, he said no way, although he did
release a statement to ease all the fears of Americans out there. He said,
"We`re willing to look at extending emergency unemployment benefits, if
Washington Democrats can come up with a plan that is fiscally responsible
and gets to the root of the problem by helping to create more private
sector jobs."

Mr. Boehner, what have you done to help create private sector jobs?
He`s over O at the free throw line.

You see, John Boehner is a shameless human being. In fact, the people
in Ohio don`t even like him. How he gets reelected? Gerrymandering.

There is no reason he can`t put the Senate bill on the floor for a
vote. It won`t hurt him a bit, won`t effect his reelection a bit. So
what`s inside this guy? It`s all politics. He doesn`t want to have his
fellow Republicans on record for voting for the extended unemployment
insurance, that`s the kind of loyalty this guy knows. But don`t worry,
don`t worry, they`re working their fannies off. Absolutely, Boehner`s
working on a very important bill.

You see next week, House Republicans are planning a vote to stop new
national parks and monuments. Have you ever met anybody in your
neighborhood that is really concern about new parks and monuments to the
point where it would take Congressional action? Are you kidding me?

House Resolution 1459, would limit, oh they love that word, would
limit President Obama`s ability to establish new national parks and
monuments. This is a huge issue. Really, isn`t it comical? I mean,
they`re just worthless, they`re just totally freaking worthless. I want
thank God the game when Ohio State lose, I`m just kidding.

All right, now, no American is against national parks or monuments.
But meanwhile, lets turn the table now. Are the Democrats paying attention
to what the President is saying? Now, the President is beating this crowd
twice, got elected and then reelected. And now, the President is starting
to step out a little bit, telling Democrats to do something about this
Republican House. He told Democrats at a Florida fund raiser, "The
challenge is that our politics in Washington has become so toxic that
people just lose faith. In midterms, we get clobbered, either because we
don`t think it`s important or because we get so discouraged about what`s
happening in Washington that we think it`s not worth our while."

Well, let me put it to you this way. Mr. President, there`s a little
criticism coming from the fat redhead tonight for you too. I think
President Obama is sending mixed signals. He wants to help, he wants to
help, no doubt, he wants the Democrats to win the midterms. I got it. But
you know what? In that locker room you can`t talk your way to a
championship you got to earn it. But there is a reason why voters are
discouraged right now. And it`s because not enough work has been done on
the hard court. We ain`t going to the hoop for the American worker.

You see Americans are hurting because of bad trade deals, it`s that
simple. The ripple effect of what happens to a job as it filters through
the economy is terribly destructive. And the Republicans know this. Jobs
are being outsourced and the President wants what? Another one of these
bad deals, the TPP, he even wants it fast tracked? Any law maker that goes
into the manufacturing sector in this country will easily see what is
exactly, what`s happening. We just don`t seem to have an inside game.
We`re not strong around the hoop. We don`t freaking dunk it when it comes
to jobs.

We`re on the outside saying this and cheering and taking a long shot
and missing. That`s where our effort is as a country when it comes to
protecting American workers. So you want to know where the workers are.
I`ll tell you where the workers are, because I was with them last week and
I was with these voters. When I visited to the folks in Lorain, Ohio, I
learned voters in the middle of the country they`re flat out pissed off at
Washington, you know that.

Here`s part five of our series "Fighting Chance: American Steel".


SCHULTZ: When politicians talk about saving the middle class, these
are the people they`re talking about. But talk is cheap. And when the
going gets tough and towns like Lorain, Ohio need saving, those same
politicians often times are nowhere to be found.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They don`t understand what these men go through,
what my men go through. They don`t understand.

SCHULTZ: So when you watch the news and you hear people talk about,
"Well, they got to save the middle class." What are you thinking?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They don`t have a clue.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think they do. I think Washington gets it.
They get it. But do they care?

SCHULTZ: Here in Ohio, Republican Governor John Kasich has launched
an assault on workers` rights. And it`s not lost on the people of this

DAN VORHEES PRESIDENT, USW LOCAL 1104: We got a Governor in this
state who try to destroy collective bargaining rights, who will make
another attempt most likely to do the same thing. We have a Governor here
who was part of a team who help to cause havoc on Wall Street. The
Governor in this state, we don`t, we`re not expecting him to step in and do
the right thing.

SCHULTZ: But it would seem to me that he would be concerned about a
bad trade agreement as well if it`s affecting his constituents or his tax
paying folks in Ohio. I mean, it would seem to me that a governor that has
$200 million investment from a corporation and banking on a future, but
workers would say, "OK, what pressures is this industry facing? And why
wouldn`t he jump in the game on the trade agreements?"

VORHEES: I think if the oath of office would require him to do that
but his morals don`t. I think we got a big problem with the, you know,
with the political system. We have allowed folks to get elected that have
shown time and time again that they`re going to cause harm, they going to
cause harm.

SCHULTZ: They`re just stuck on the free market, free anyways.

VORHEES: And that`s why we`re having this conversation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I mean Ohio is always the battle ground state in
any election. I mean, they have to win Ohio in order to become president
and after they win Ohio, it seems they forget us.

SCHULTZ: Mainstream Media, the National Media and the New York Times
refer to your governor as moderate. What do you think?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In one word it`s a joke.

RICK LUCENTE, STEELWORKER: I agree. The governor hasn`t done nothing
for this state especially for the workers men.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think the SP5 speaks for itself.

FMR. REP DENNIS KUCINICH, (D) OHIO: SP5 sets the stage for a kind of
dictatorship. Top down, you -- these are your working condition, take it
or leave it. These are your benefit, take it or leave it. Don`t ask any
questions, shut up and go to work.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The right to work and they`re not. That`s his
agenda, that`s his tone. I think that says what his opinion is of American

STATE REP. MATT LUNDY, (D) OHIO: There`s a -- yeah, there`s great
concern that the governor still hasn`t learned his lesson on this.

GOV. JOHN KASICH., (R) OHIO: And I think that if we -- they can
bargain on wages and working conditions, some other things, that`s fine.
But at the end of the day, we have to be able to control our cost because
the taxpayers in this state are the one`s that are holding the bag. And if
we don`t lift Ohio by reducing our taxes and reducing are regulations,
getting our universities to work more with business, we`re not going to
make it.

LUNDY: And the great concern if this governor gets reelected, what
happen with the right to work and boy, I`d have to add put my money on
right to work will come to Ohio in case he`s reelected. And that`s the
scary thing.

SCHULTZ: This all falls on the Speaker of the House John Boehner who
is a native of Ohio. But the residents and the workers in Lorain, Ohio
feel that he is simple forgotten them.

Southwestern Ohio and many of our firefighters are down there. And it is
amazing the things that he says and the things that he does are absolutely
two different things.

SCHULTZ: It just doesn`t fit the culture of Ohio of where he came

HORTON: With all the things he has supposed to have done in his life,
how he can do he do what he does now is unconscionable.

SCHULTZ: So he`s been infected by Washington? You have thoughts on

VORHEES: He doesn`t even seem to me like he`s from Ohio. He doesn`t
understand us, he doesn`t get us. It seems like he thinks that working
people are asking for a handout. And that`s ridiculous.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He just doesn`t understand the working class
people of Ohio. I mean, you know, we`re not looking for a handout, we just
want a job, you know. My members just want a job and they want a place to
go and work and be able to provide for their families. And, you know, with
these trade agreements, it`s going to, you know, really damage us. He
doesn`t get it.

VORHEES: Yeah, I`m thinking if we can go back to when president Obama
was first elected and Mitch McConnell said, "I`m going to spend the next
four years doing whatever we can to make sure he doesn`t get reelected."
And you look at all the obstacles put in front of that administration.
Another legislator that fought hard for working men and women, you know,
John Boehner was part of the team that did whatever they could to stop
legislation from being enacted that would help hardworking men and women.

SCHULTZ: The people of Lorain know in the wake of bad trade deals the
domestic steel industry is struggling. Their governor has tried to roll
back collective bargaining rights and reduced access to the polls. Their
vote means more now than ever.

HORTON: And during under the districts in Ohio for -- on state level
to a point where it`s almost impossible to change the elector, it`s almost
impossible anymore. If look at the districts and what they`ve done to get
to the votes that they need, it`s obscene and it all just supports their
agenda which is not for these working men and women in Ohio.

SCHULTZ: What`s with all the voting rights laws? Shutting down early
voting, taken away the number of days, same day registration, what`s that
all about? What are your thoughts on that?

RICK LUCENTE, STEELWORKER: My thoughts on that is, it`s to prevent
the people, the working class and the poor from getting out and voting,
because it`s harder for them to get out and voting when you regulate the
hours and the days. You know, most of us, you know, working six days a
week, you know. So by cutting the hours and the days makes it tougher to
get out and vote.

SCHULTZ: And they want you standing in line for a long time.


SCHULTZ: How long would you stand in line to vote?

LUCENTE: I`d stand in line forever to vote. That`s my right to vote
and anybody that don`t vote, shame on them. That is your right as an
American citizen to vote.


SCHULTZ: And of course the question is, will any of this frustration
end up at the ballot box in November? Only time will tell and there`s a
lot of time between now and November, a lot of time for Congress to get it
right when it comes to jobs, because it is about the economy.

You could talk healthcare, you could talk immigration, you could talk
taxation, whatever, it`s about the economy, it`s about jobs. And this is
why Boehner just won`t show up.

Get your cellphones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Does John Boehner have the guts to go to Lorain, Ohio and talk
jobs?" Text A for Yes, text B for No to 67622, you can go to our blog and
leave a comment at We`ll bring you the results later on in
the show.

For more, I want to bring in United Steelworkers International
President Leo Gerard. Mr. Gerard, good to have with us tonight, I want to
thank you for your help on this series that we have put together. But the
frustration that is felt by the working class folks of America, the
president talks about, "Hey, we`re not very good during midterms, we get
clobbered". Is this frustration going to show up in November?

LEO GERARD, UNITED STEELWORKERS: Look , Ed, I hope it does show up in
November but I hope it`s targeted where it ought to be targeted. And I
want to compliment the people that you just interviewed because they
understand that this president has tried over and over again to bring
forward jobs programs, to bring forward a raise in the unemployment
insurance, so that people wouldn`t be left behind in raising the minimum
wage, so that people wouldn`t left behind.

And under John Boehner`s speakership they have stopped every piece of
progressive legislation that would have helped the middle class create
jobs, raise their standard of living

Let me give you example also about Kasich. We have a plant in Ohio at
Ormet that has a got a thousand people that are employed there and an
additional rotating vote that additional revolving jobs, I mean.

And all they want is a decent power deal. And they want this governor
to stand up for them to get a decent power deal from the power company and
he won`t help them. So we`re going to lose a thousand jobs while he sits
on the sidelines, not counting the additional jobs servicing that plant.
So the people get it, the people know the frustration and they understand
that this frustration has been created by the Republican Party.

And you got to come to the conclusion that it`s ideologically driven
by the already rich and the already powerful. That they don`t want working
class folks to have a standard of living, they want to depress that
standard of living so they can find cheap labor and make us compete with
China and Korea and other places like that and that`s just not acceptable.

SCHULTZ: So when you hear some politicians including the President
talk about the TPP, it can only make you just -- it shakes my head, I
cannot believe there are such a bad track record with the South Korean free
trade agreement. And no one`s talking about, "OK, how are we going to
reverse it? What`s the lands (ph) game?"

GERARD: Look, Ed, I share that frustration and I shake my head as
well. If you look historically, Ed, and at the -- the results of these
trade deals, if we go back to NAFTA, and then you go to what`s preferential
trade authority with China and now the trade deal with Korea, depending on
which economies you accept, the accumulated trade debt, if you want to talk
about debt in America the accumulated trade debt just with China is over $7

If you had accumulated trade debt since the passage of NAFTA it`s over
$11 trillion. You don`t see that debt on the books because what it is is a
wealth transfer. So historically since the passage of these trade deals
we`ve lost over five million manufacturing jobs.


GERARD: Over 60,000 not 6,300 but 63,000 factories we`ve lost since
the passage of NAFTA. And so when they start talking about "Yeah, we`re
going to increase exports." Quite often they do. But they double a
quadruple or triple exports .

SCHULTZ: All right.

GERARD: . or imports, I should say. And so .

SCHULTZ: The numbers are overwhelming and what I think if the
Democrats want to inspire their base, prove to America that you care about
jobs and start talking about reversing these trade agreements that are just
sleeking jobs overseas and sticking it to the guys on Main Street across

GERARD: And, Ed, what the Democrats have to do is get a backbone.
Collectively. I`m very proud of Harry Reid and I`m very proud of Nancy
Pelosi because of what they`ve said .


GERARD: . on fast track and what they`ve said on TPP. And they`re
the ones that are going to move the agenda forward for us.

SCHULTZ: OK, Leo Gerard, Steelworkers International President, great
to have with us tonight.

GERARD: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: Thank you so much.

Coming up, the search continues for the missing Malaysian Airlines
Flight 370. We`ll discuss the latest with the Rapid Response Panel.

But first, how about this one, Louisiana Republicans are suing over a billboard?

Trenders is next. Stick around. We`ll be right back.


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SCHULTZ: Happy day.

REP. JOHN LEWIS, (D) GEORGIA: I am happy. I`m happy, that`s my song.

SCHULTZ: He is a dancing machine. Congressman John Lewis grooves to
Pharrel`s hit "Happy".

LEWIS: Nothing can bring me down. I`m so happy. Be happy everybody.

SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, bracket busters.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, just one day into the NCAA tournament and
lots of busted bracket.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The battle for Ohio when it came down to the final

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let`s see what you`ve got.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A record of four overtime games and a day full
of offsets


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And say go bye, five-seat (ph) Oklahoma.

SCHULTZ: The Dayton Flyers and the North Dakota State Bison surprised
in the NCAA tournament.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And if you`re wondering about that billion
dollar bracket thing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In recorded history, no one has ever filled out a
perfect bracket.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: 95 percent of the people in the challenge

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is from North Dakota State, "We`ll gladly be
your Cinderella America."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I live down state.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, bust a move.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why are Louisiana Republicans trying to take down
this billboard?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The state of Louisiana suing, accusing
the policy group of a trademark violation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Encourage your friends and family to visit
Louisiana and pick their passion.

SCHULTZ: Bobby Jindal`s administration takes on

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The image on their billboard and the words were
taken right off of our website.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re a copy cat.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s 242,000 in Louisiana who don`t have
healthcare. Instead of working on that problem the state has chosen to
still move on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As the head of tourism in Louisiana, I`m very
protective of our right to use that mark.

SCHULTZ: Joining us tonight, Anna Galland, she`s the executive
director of

Anna, good to have you with us tonight. Is this the first time has ever been sued?

ANNA GALLAND, EXEC. DIR. MOVEON.ORG: You know, this is historic in
our whole 15 year organizational history and we`ve worked on some, I think
controversial issues and this is the first thing that I can ever -- that
has ever happened like this absolutely.

SCHULTZ: So is this a freedom of speech issue or is this truly a
trademark violation as some in Louisiana claim it is?

GALLAND: Look, we put up a billboard in the state of Louisiana along
with five other states that have Republican leadership, where that
leadership is blocking healthcare for literally of hundreds of thousands of
constituents. If you look across the whole country, there are five million
Americans who right now don`t have access to healthcare who should because
the Republican governors and other Republican leaders have chosen to say no
to expanding Medicaid in those states.

SCHULTZ: And Jindal is one of them. And in Jindal on the offensive .


SCHULTZ: . has written an op-ed in the St. Fort Louisiana newspaper.
He says, "What does have against individuals with disabilities?"
He goes on to say you group, "Won`t say one word about caring for
individuals with disabilities or how Obamacare prioritizes coverage of
childless adults ahead of the most vulnerable. They just want to
intimidate states into accepting Obamacare`s massive new spending

What`s your reaction to that?

GALLAND: This was just an incredible response. I think what it shows
is that we`re getting under his skin.

First of all, it`s a false choice to pit people with disabilities
against low income Americans who don`t have access to healthcare.

Secondly, he seems to be trying to distract people from the fact that
the Medicaid program, the Medicaid expansion program which I should note
Republican governors in states like Arizona, Jan Brewer and John Kasich
which as your viewers know is not a progressive. Those Republican
governors have accepted these funds. When you say that those governors
have a problem with people with disabilities, I don`t think so.

What we`re seeing here is that Bobby Jindal and his administration
seems to be trying to distract attention from the core issue here, which is
that there are hundreds of thousands of low income Louisianans who do not
have access to healthcare right now because of his decision. He could
change his mind and immediately change their situations and instead of
doing that, instead of working on the problem of how to extend health
coverage to hundreds of thousands .


GALLAND: . of people in the state of Louisiana, he`s coming after us,
it makes no sense.

SCHULTZ: All right, you`ve said that you`re going to stand up and
fight. The Democrats need to do the same when it comes to healthcare. I
mean is this just a tea leave of what kind of battles are on the horizon?
I mean, it just seems to me like Jindal is jumping out in front of the
parade, he wants more attention than the other Republican governors who
might be dealing with subpoenas and everything else.

GALLAND: You know what? I think that`s right. I think that what
you`re seeing here, the best I can figure what he`s doing here and you know
this is all reading tea leaves and trying to imagine what`s in his mind.
But it seems that he is catering to a very small fringe, a far right fringe
of his own base of potential primary voters.

SCHULTZ: So are you .

GALLAND: Yeah, and, you know, that`s not his obligation.

SCHULTZ: Are you going to be successful on this lawsuit you think?

GALLAND: Absolutely. So we will not be bullied. We will not be
silenced. We`re going to keep on fighting, we know that this suit is base
list (ph) and we`re going to keep our campaigning, our Medicaid campaigning
going not just in the state of Louisiana where we`re doubling down but in
dozens of other Republican-led states until we get access to healthcare for
all those Americans.

SCHULTZ: And again on Good to have you on the Ed Show.
Thank you so much.

Coming up, more countries join in the search for the missing Malaysian
Airlines Flight 370. The Rapid Response Panel weighs in on the latest as
the search continues.

And later, I went to Florida to find out what the issues were. What
was going to impact voters coming up in the election? Hear what they have
to say.

But next, I`m taking your questions Ask Ed Live just ahead on the Ed
Show. We`re right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, love hearing from you. All the
questions we got one tonight, Ask Ed Live.

It starts with Courtney, she says, "Why do Republicans thinks it`s OK
to victimize the working poor in this country?"

Well, because the working poor just can`t fight back at that level.
See, the Republicans love the pit groups against one another. And if they
can get a target and the target in the political system is the working poor
right now, they are the problem. They sit home, they are the takers.
That`s what Ryan calls them.

How do you fix that? You voted them out. Stick around, Rapid
Response Panel is next.

SEEMA MODY, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Seema Mody with your CNBC Market

The Dow`s triple digit gains evaporate leaving the industrial down 28
point in today`s trade. The S and P off by 5, and NASDAQ shedding 42.

Tiffany share is finishing lower after its earnings and revenue fell
short of estimates. Its guidance also came in below street forecast.

Nike shares fell 5 percent, if sales on profits beat estimates, but
its outlook disappointed.

And GM shares also ended in the red, if CEO will testify before
lawmakers April 1st about if handling of a recall.

That`s it from CNBC, first in business worldwide.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. The Pentagon says the United
States is considering Malaysia`s request for undersea surveillance gear in
search of Flight 370. No sign of debris from the flight has been found,
and we are now in day number 14.

A 10-hour mission by Australian search planes failed to turn up any
sign of the missing Malaysian airline`s jet on Friday. And the planes are
working a remote patch of the Indian Ocean where a satellite detected what
look like two pieces of debris earlier this week. Grainy satellite images,
at least the ones that were released to the public, captured what
investigators are calling their best and most credible lead in the search.

The search is happening in one of the most remote corners of the
earth. The Australian prime minister addressed this earlier this morning.


inaccessible spot that you could imagine on the face of the earth, but if
there is anything down there, we will find it. We owe it to the families
of those people to do no less.


SCHULTZ: Other countries are jumping in to help. Two Chinese
aircraft are expected to arrive in Australia later today. Two Japanese
aircraft will be arriving on Sunday. And a flotilla of ships coming from
China is still several days away. Of the 239 passengers and crew on the
missing flight, a 154 were from China.

Joining me tonight on the Rapid Response panel, we`ve got Captain
Michael Fortune of Boeing 777 pilot and Aviation Consultant and Richard
Gillespie with us tonight, Executive Director of TIGHAR, The International
Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery.

Mr. Gillespie you first, is there anything in aviation history that
compares to what the world is witnessing right now?

Earhart disappeared in an incident that was -- had uncanny similarities to
this one. An aircraft abruptly disappears and is immediately thought would
have gone into the ocean. A search doesn`t turn up wreckage. Then we
start hearing electronic communications after the supposed time of loss,
speculation that the airplane continued flying.

There is even a north-south component to the search and they thought
the search went south. They search south, didn`t find anything, although
they saw something that shouldn`t have been there. And then they search
Open Ocean and found nothing. I mean this is deja vu.

SCHULTZ: So, are these would you say, are striking similarities
between what we`re going through now and what happened with Amelia Earhart?

GILLESPIE: I`ve been looking for Amelia Earhart. Our organization
has for 25 years. I`ve been living this. And for the last two weeks, it`s
just been incredible to me how closely the reaction of the press and media
and the actual development of clues and non-clues has paralleled what
happened 77 years ago.

SCHULTZ: Captain Fortune, if the 777 is one heck of an airplane, it
would take a real immense impact for that aircraft to breakup that would
have two pieces that are in the ocean floating right now. Wouldn`t that
had been just an immense impact to destroy that aircraft like that?

aircraft would have had to impact the ocean. It would have been in a
relatively high speed. After running out of fuel, if they really did get
to that point and the impact would have just -- the airplane would have
come apart in many pieces, yes.

SCHULTZ: And Captain Fortune, I wanted both of you gentlemen to
comment on this, you first Captain Fortune.

We`re doing the search based on satellite images. Are the images that
we`re seeing being released, is that everything they have or do you think
they got it down to the point where it would back up what they`re saying
that this is the most credible evidence? Because if we look at some of the
satellite images, are they doing all of this searching based on this right
here? What`s your thought on that Captain Fortune?

FORTUNE: The only -- I have an opinion on that and the images that I
have seen that been released to the public are quite grainy. I`m sure
there are better resolutions available, however, they`re not available to
the public for some reason, I don`t know what that reason is, perhaps
national security issues. But, right now, I believe we`re searching based
on the satellite pings and where they believe the aircraft is through
satellite imaging. Yes, I do believe that.

SCHULTZ: Mr. Gillespie, your thoughts on that.

GILLESPIE: I think we`re way out ahead of the facts on this thing.
We`ve got a couple of objects in the satellite image. We work with
satellite images in the Earhart search all the time. I can get half meter
resolution of the island that we`re searching. If they had been able to
get something that says, "Yes, this is definitely aircraft wreckage," I
think they would have told us? I think they`re throwing tremendous assets
at something that is just one of several hypotheses that need to be tested.

SCHULTZ: And why do you think that is? Are there some politics in
here involved in some way?

GILLESPIE: I wouldn`t -- I`d call it human nature rather than
politics. We`ve got satellite images of something in an area where we had
reason to think there might be something that invites confirmation bias.
The bar is set very low for anything useful. So, suddenly grainy satellite
images become the best lead we have yet. That`s not very good, but now,
we`re throwing everything at it. I`m not -- I don`t say they shouldn`t do
that, but don`t -- not pursue other hypothesis.

SCHULTZ: OK. Yeah. It seems like it`s all concentrated in this
portion of the world right now. And Michael Fortune, all the hours that
you spent in the cockpit of a 777, what is the most puzzling to you about
this whole story as a pilot?

FORTUNE: As a pilot the most puzzling thing to me happened
immediately after take off there. The ACARS was disabled, the aircraft
turned. And if there was a mechanical problem, there was no communication
whatsoever from the pilot, nothing. And I find that to be very compelling
in supporting a scenario that perhaps one or both of the pilots were
complicit in taking this airplane off-track for some reason, for that we
don`t know.

Had there been a mechanical issue, these guys would have declared an
emergency and try to turn back toward Kuala Lumpur or perhaps another
airfield that was suitable and worked with air traffic control to try to
get the aircraft on the ground as soon as possible.

That doesn`t appear to have happened. If it was catastrophic
incident, there would have been a debris field somewhere around there, and
they haven`t found one yet. So, I find that very, very interesting. There
was no absolutely no communication at all from the cockpit.

SCHULTZ: All right. Captain Michael Fortune and Mr. Richard
Gillespie, good to have both of you with us tonight. Thank you for your

Coming up, Florida is a key state to watch for the midterm election.
I sat down with 10 voters in Miami to find out what`s on your mind toward
the issues, what`s your hot button? How do you feel about this and the
other? We`re right back.


SCHULTZ: And we have breaking news at the Michigan at this hour, a
Federal Judge ruled Michigan`s law against same sex marriage is
unconstitutional. Today`s ruling is the fifth such court decision in the
past few months. The ruling is a victory for two Detroit area Nurses who
went to court to challenge a state law preventing them from jointly
adopting each other`s children.

The ruling follows similar outcomes in the States of Utah, Oklahoma,
Virginia and Texas. It`s the seventh court decision to follow the United
States Supreme Courts ruling last June to strike down a part of the
Defensive Marriage Act.

Politics in Florida, it`s as hot as it can be. That`s next on the Ed
Show, stay with us.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. This is the story for the
folks who takes a shower after work. And if you`re talking about hot
Florida politics, you got to need a shower. The State of Florida is one of
the hottest markers of the greedy 2014 midterm elections coming up. I know
we`re seven months way, but this is unreal.

The especial election of the 13th congressional district served as
what summer setting up to be the year`s first showdown. Well, Republicans
what to frame the results, so this is the stage raises, a referendum on the
Affordable Care Act. I say no to that.

As the midterms loom, I do wonder just who much of the vote hinges on
the Affordable Care Act say in the State of Florida which is a mega swing
state. President Obama was in Florida fundraising yesterday and talking up
the healthcare law. I was in Florida last weekend to moderate a focus
group that was put together. Here is their take on the landmark


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s a very personal issue, it`s about my health
and there really should be no politics involved in healthcare and in my

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s a lot of hesitation, there`s a lot of
unknowns, and we really don`t know how it`s going to affect business --
small businesses.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If the Democratic Party and the President Obama
can kind of accentuate and also how like those people that are getting
great experiences with the healthcare then I think that will help

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But the mandate from federal government to
everyone that has to do it, I just -- that worries me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To say that it`s broken and that it doesn`t work
is too soon. The jury is still out, we need to be patient.


SCHULTZ: And there`s not doubt that Obamacare is improving lives of
Americans all across the country. Florida is no exception. The division
between the voters however tells us a very different story.

Joining me tonight, Mitch Ceasar, Chairman of the Broward County,
Democratic Party. Well, a couple healthcare and everything else, you`ve
got a heated governor`s race down there. First of all, will Charlie Crist
get the Democratic nod to run against Rick Scott?

does have a primary. He is certainly the heavily favored that polling has
indicated. He`s raise millions of dollars. And of course we know Rick
Scott will out race Democrats in general by two or three to one.

SCHULTZ: What`s going to turn voters on in `14 in Florida? What`s
going to be the motivating factor? It`s an off-year election. It`s a
midterm historically not good for Democrats. Everybody loves to point that
out, but the issues are a little bit more intense.

CEASAR: I really think President Obama is not the negative the
Republicans are trying to make him out to be. I think because of
education, I think in building a middle class, and I think also the key
issues is going to Rick Scott. I think people really or don`t like Rick
Scott. He`s done terrible things. He had an opportunity to accept $51
billion in Medicaid money, he turned it down. This supposed jobs, the
governor had an opportunity to create 23,000 jobs by a rail system and said
no to that. It goes on and on. He even removed a billion dollars from the
state education budget in his first year as governor.

SCHULTZ: Well, he`s going to have. And sources down there told me
that there`s going to be $50 million thrown at this just to level the
playing field because Charlie Crist leads in the polls right now by just a
few points. They want to level that playing field. This is going to be
money that Florida has never seen, isn`t it?

CEASAR: It will be unprecedented. I think Florida will not only be
the premier governor`s race across the country, I think it will be the
premier race period in the United States. We expect the Republicans to
throw between a $100 and $125 million that we know what had us. We won`t
probably raise half that maybe $50 million less than half. We don`t need
as much what these Republicans do. But it will be the most costly,
negative and horrifying to watch on TV in Florida for the last couple of

SCHULTZ: For the Democratic candidate, it`s going to be Miami Dade
and Broward, that`s the bread basket.

CEASAR: And Palm Beach County.

SCHULTZ: And Palm Beach County.

CEASAR: That makes them (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: But it has -- there has to be big turn out. Is there going
to be the turn out that`s going to be needed?

CEASAR: You know, it`s funny, I think the greatest unifier we have in
this particular race isn`t President Obama, it`s Rick Scott. Democrats
want him out, independents want him out, and frankly, he`s not polling as
well among Republicans as he should. So, he will be able to be the
motivator for us, but we have to do it unprecedented to get out the vote

SCHULTZ: What about this analysis that it`s healthcare that help the
Republican win in Tampa and along the Gulf Coast in that special election?

CEASAR: I don`t believe that. And I think what the polling did show
was, that when you poll Republicans, yes it`s a motivator for them. But it
wasn`t motivator for Democrats to vote against a Democrat nominee nor
perhaps more importantly wasn`t a motivator among independents. I think
they may use that to rally their hardcore troops. But I think it`s going
to be other issues. I think they`re on the wrong track there in Florida
and nationally it`s going to lead them.

SCHULTZ: So, you know it`s going to turn on the Republicans, they
being against Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act. What turns the switch
for the Democrats in Florida? You`re saying it`s Rick Scott?

CEASAR: Unquestionably, it`s Rick Scott. And it`s the national brand
of Republican Party. You know, the Tea Party brought the Republican Party
into a cul-de-sac ideologically. And they can`t get out.

SCHULTZ: So, how does Charlie Crist go on the road with healthcare?
What does he say? What`s the winning message? Do you run from it or it
run around saying "I`m going to fix it?" What`s he do?

CEASAR: Well, it`s indicated as recently as today, I believe, in the
Miami Herald, he was in a function with the president in South Florida,
Miami last night and said he supports healthcare, he supports the
Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act. And he has embraced it, so he`s not
running from it.

And I can tell you that any candidate who`s been around for a while
reads polls. I can assure you if it was a drag, he wouldn`t be saying what
he`s saying (inaudible).

SCHULTZ: Why is this governor`s race so important to the Democratic
candidate for 2016?

CEASAR: Well, because we are, as you said, a mega state. There are
four mega states in this country, California, New York, always go
Democratic, Texas at this point goes Republican. Florida is the only giant
state that swings back and forth everyday, and therefore setting the table
for 2016 who can win Florida regardless of talks about Jeb Bush or .


CEASAR: . anybody else. It sets the table.

SCHULTZ: All right. Mitch Ceasar, good to have you with us tonight,
thanks so much.

CEASAR: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good
evening, Rev.


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