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The Ed Show for Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

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May 6, 2014

Guest: Sheldon Whitehouse, Bob Shrum, Eric Boehlert, Barry Lynn, John
Fugelsang, Steven Horsford

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good evening Americans and welcome to Ed Show live
from the Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I`m ready to go. Let`s get to work.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: An alarming new report on climate change, no longer to
be dismissed as tree hugger mambo-jambo.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Temperatures in the U.S could soar by as much as 10
degrees by 2100.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A savoring forecast about how climate and weather
conditions may change heading the United States.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: At last decade was the hottest ever recorded in the
United States.

We will respond to the threat of the change.

SCHULTZ: President Obama is moving on the right direction on the Keystone
XL Pipeline. He`s delaying the decision.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I asked him quite simply for a vote to approve the
Keystone XL Pipeline.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When I go back home, I can explain my vote for the
Keystone Pipeline.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There is no significant environmental impact.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is baloney.

JOHN BOEHNER: Complex, do you think the Keystone Pipeline is complex.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s much more on their environmental friendly to do it
to a pipeline.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is shear baloney. The fact to the matter is this
is very dirty oil.

OBAMA: We will respond to the threat of climate change.


SCHULTZ: Good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching. You
know back in 2008 and 2012, it was about healthcare in the economy. 2014
started right now, I believe that 6 months out and into 2016, it`s going to
be about climate change. Do we believe, is there enough scientific
evidence out there to make this country wake up and realize that we have to
take some drastic steps and change what we`re doing, if the next generation
is going to have a chance on a good life?

The fight over the Keystone XL Pipeline is heating up on both sides. But
wait a minute, we`ve got a new White House report on climate change and it
isn`t good news for the pipeline supporters. The National Climate
Assessment finds a climate change, once considered an issue for a distant
future has moved firmly to the present.

Folks, we are now in the now business when it comes to climate change in
this country. The report sites increasing instances of severe weather due
to the climate change in the United States. The White House responded to
the assessment saying that there needs to be "Urgent action to combat the
threats from climate change, protect American citizens and communities
today, and build a sustainable future for our kids and grandkids.

Does that mean anything to us? Is this really what President Obama wants
to do or is this just words melting on the hills? And yet another report
that the United States better wake up because if we do, the rest of the
world just might follow.

Now that is President Obama`s report. I don`t see how the President of the
United States can approve the Keystone XL Pipeline with this report calling
for urgent action. President Obama will also eight interviews with
mineralogists around the country about this particular report. Now on the
flip side, here we go. We got to have the Senate get involved. They want
to vote. They want to vote on the pipeline and it could happen later this

This has oil lobbyist going absolutely nuts in Washington. Here we go, the
American Petroleum Institute, what do you think they`re doing? Well
they`re running ads in Colorado, Delaware, Minnesota, New Mexico and South
Dakota and they are targeting Democrats who are planning to vote against
the pipeline?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: One jobs plan brings both sides together. Bill
Clinton and George Bush both say build the Keystone XL, Warren Buffet too,
so do 78 percent of Americans and the Wall Street Journal. The Washington
Post, USA today, it make so much sense even a divided Congress approved it,
unions and business too. Senators Udall and Bennet approved Keystone XL.


SCHULTZ: Well the ads also target Senator Chris Coons, Tom Carper, Al
Franken, Tom Udall and Tim Johnson. These are the folks that they`ve got
to get on board. There`s no doubt big oil is getting very desperate with
information that`s out there. Even if the Keystone passes the Senate, the
final decision still rest with President Obama and also the legal
wranglings that are taken place in Nebraska.

Meanwhile, some law makers and out of the mainstream conservative
commentators are ready for a big compromise. They think it`s a good idea
to tie the Keystone XL Pipeline vote to the increase to the minimum wage of
this country. Nothing could be worst. Republican Congressman Tom Cole
recently floated the idea.


REP. TOM COLE, (R) OKLAHOMA: When I look at the minimum wage increase, if
I thought there were other things attach to it that would create job like
Keystone and additional things. Yeah, I think I would consider that
because I think job creation is such an important thing.


SCHULTZ: Well, that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that he`d
considered if we give in to big oil. Earlier today Senator John Thune
said, "Republicans would be willing to talk about a Keystone minimum wage


SEN. JOHN THUNE, (R) SOUTH DAKOTA: I voted for minimum wage increases in
the past when they were coupled with things that we thought actually would
create jobs. The problem that we have and I`m somebody who worked for
minimum wage. I think a lot of people can identify and associate with
people who are working at minimum wage levels. A lot of those people are
going to younger people, first job, and entry level jobs. In my State in
South Dakota a lot of seasonal work, we need those jobs.

And some of those jobs are going to go away if you raise the minimum wage.
Now, having said that I think that if you are looking at 40 hour work week
and going back to that, doing some things on Keystone, things that we
actually believe will create jobs. That will be a discussion I think
Republicans would be willing to have. But right now we`re not getting any
indication from the Democrat leadership in the Senate that their willing to
entertain votes on those issues.


SCHULTZ: Let me get one thing perfectly clear with the audience that
watches this program. I have the facts, I`ve been in Nebraska, I`ve been
in South Dakota, I`ve been out there, I`ve talk to the folks, I`ve talk to
the officials on the ground who know about the jobs, I`ve talked to the
unions which most conservative commentators never talked too. The jobs
will be few and they will be short term. Now conservatives are making it
really easy for you to understand here, normally it`s a two word culture
but I`m giving three that you need to consume tonight.

Few short term, three words. That`s what the jobs are going to be like
when it comes to the pipeline. It is outrageous. Republicans consistently
try to come up with a new form of hostage taking. You know what? We`ll do
something for the working poor if we can make sure that the Koch brothers
land their pockets with billions of dollars. The bottom line is that
President Obama, President Obama this day has more information than he`s
ever had before to say no to the Keystone XL pipeline.

He`s in the perfect position at this moment to reject it now, reject that
pipeline now. And as far as it compromised on minimum wage it is
absolutely outrageous and ridiculous. I don`t understand why everything
has to be horse traded. Everything has to be a deal.

You mean to tell me we have come to the point in time in our economy with
income and equality, the way it is and the working poor in this country and
the number of people on assistance that we don`t have a single issue that
can stand on it`s own merits like maybe paying hard working Americans a
livable wage. We have to do a deal on that.

This is what`s wrong with the country. Congress gets in the way of
commonsense thinking. If this is the Democrat`s idea of addressing income
and equality to go off and do a deal with billionaires who were going to
take that profit and run it against Democracy in this country, then I`m
out, then I`m out. And we need a -- I need new party, I need a new
affiliation of where the heck this country is going. Maybe we need a
workers party or something.

Reject the pipeline and get minimum wage. That should be, the Democratic
Liberal progressive position in this country, it is not a job creator.
Both are the right thing to do, reject the pipeline, say yes to the minimum
wage increase. And you know what? Senator Thune, I work for minimum wage
too in my life, OK. But you know what? The economy today is a heck of a
lot different than the one I was in or the one that you are in when you are
working minimum wage and that is a false equivalence and you know it.

But it`s a great talking point. I`ll give you a credit. Just remember
folks, there`s been a lot of talk in the media about all these groups that
are being funded by the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers have huge
interest in this pipeline. They`re going to make billions of dollars even
more. What are they going to do with that money? Throw more money at
advocacy groups to strike down Democracy. Throw it right in to our
political process so we can become even more of an oligarchy.

Why would the Democrats want to give the Republicans a political victory
that they would go home and say, "We got the pipeline. And oh by the way
we also got minimum wage." Why would the Democrats do that? When are the
Democrats going to realize that climate change needs to stand on its own,
on its own merits and so does income and equality in this country? And
when it comes to a point that we have to do a deal to make sure that
billionaires make more money so people can make 10.10 hour and you want to
know why America`s angry.

America is disconnected from the conversation like this because it makes no
sense what so ever. The horse trading sometimes has to stop on key issues.
And if the Republicans are going to hold the Democrats hostage on climate
change, they`re juts digging their own grave. It is not a job creator, the
oil is not clean and there`s no guarantee the TransCanada won`t be sold to
a foreign country.

Oh by the way, 30 percent of our agriculture in this country is underneath
that pipeline if it`s build and it`s going right over the aquifer and if it
spills there`s no clean up, no it`s contamination. So I don`t think that
the conservatives have a leg to stand on but they have allies out there
that will let them say whatever they want without the facts. I want to do
a story on the first conservative broadcaster that goes to the Indian
reservations in South Dakota to listen to them.

I want to do a story on the first conservative broadcaster who goes to
Bradshaw in Nebraska and talks to the folks that I`d talked too and listen
to what they have and say about the damaging effects of the Keystone XL
pipeline. You can even take the state department survey with you. But you
know what? There`s another survey out today that says we better wake up as
a country.

Get your cellphones out, I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question, "Do republicans want to line the pockets of big oil more than
they want to help working Americans?" Text A for Yes, text B for No to
67622. You can always go to our blog We`ll bring in the
results to this poll later on on the broadcast.

For more let me bring in Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.
Senator good to have you with us tonight and thank you for your work and
your stands on the environment, you`re way ahead to the curve, you`re out
and in front of a lot of law makers in this country. I want your responds
senator to this Keystone minimum wage compromise that`s being flooded.

SEN. SHELDON WHITEHOUSE, (D) RHODE ISLAND: I think the Keystone project
should fall on its own merits. The effort that the coal and oil industry
is making to big foot through congress with the old fashion techniques of
arm twisting and bullying and throwing money around is really -- it`s
unpleasant to watch and it`s wrong on the facts. It`s really a contest
between the science and the truth and taking care of our children and
grandchildren and knowing what we know. And a lobby that`s simply can`t
say enough and is using saying every tactic it can get its hands on to try
t bully it`s way through this issue.

And at some point we`ve got to stand for something. And at some point
we`ve got to stand up for what`s true and for what`s real and for what`s
going to matter to our grandchildren and not just a quick hit from the oil
company lobbyist.

SCHULTZ: Senator how credible and how important is this most recent report
that came out today?

WHITEHOUSE: It`s important. It`s very credible. It`s the top American
scientist. It`s people from all of the agencies that we trust, including
places like NASA. Remember NASA, they are the people that put an SUV size
the vehicle on the surface of Mars and they`re driving it around. You
think they know what they`re doing? And there`s scientist, they`re saying,
"Look, this climate change thing is serious." The Department of Defense,
it`s quadrennial reviews, climate changed is serious. We got to do
something about it.

Admiral Loclear, the head of Pacific Command says that the biggest risk
we`ve got out there of all the risks that they prepared for any pacific
relate to climate changed. So for the oil industry they try to bully
congress into pretending that this isn`t real is as you said ultimately,
they`re digging they`re own grave. And they should try to come around and
be sensible about this. But once you`ve been a bully it`s hard to learn a
different set of strategies.

SCHULTZ: Senator, after this report, do you believe that the president has
enough information to say no to this pipeline?

WHITEHOUSE: You know, even that report that the State Department did gives
the President enough information to say no to this pipeline. That reports
says that you run the Tar Sands fuel through this pipeline and then to the
market and you add the carbon equivalent or 5.7 million cars, 5.7 million
cars. You think how hard the Obama administration work to bring down the
mileage standard so that we get more mileage and we get better carbon
results from our fleet and now you turn around and you`re going to undo
most of that with one bad decision.

I don`t see that happening.


WHITEHOUSE: .and I particularly don`t see it from Secretary Curry.
Secretary Curry is passionate about protecting the atmosphere and the
oceans from all this carbon pollution. I think it`s really hard.


WHITEHOUSE: .to imagine that he`d be willing to get rolled by big oil and
big coal.

SCHULTZ: And finally Senator, describe this vote that`s going to take
place in the senate later this week. What does it really mean, if

WHITEHOUSE: Well we need to see what the vote is. The Republicans are
running the goal post all around the field, trying to make sure that we
can`t actually end up getting to a sensible vote. It started with just a
sense of the senate than it was a dispositive vote, then it loaded up for
the whole bunch of other things. I don`t know what they`re still tying to
add on to it. If we end up with the Keystone vote, it could be a sense to
the Senate. But I think Harry has already agreed to having a vote on the
merits. And I think what we`ll do is we`ll win that vote and then we`ll
move on.

But with any luck we`ll be able to pass the bi- partisan Shaheen-Portman
Efficiency Bill which is an important .


WHITEHOUSE: . piece of legislation.

SCHULTZ: All right Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, great to have you with us
tonight sir. I appreciate .

WHITEHOUSE: Good to be with you Ed.

SCHULTZ: . thanks so much. You bet. Let me bring in Democratic
strategist and NYU professor Bob Shrum. Bob good to have you on tonight.
This report, is this President Obama`s out, does this erase all questions
about what he should do?

BOB SHRUM, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I don`t think so. I think that the
process will move forward. I think the Kerry, who has Senator Whitehouse
just pointed out is a leading environmentalist, a strong proponent of
acting against climate change, is going to have to make a decision here.
The president`s going to have to sign off on that decision. Our argument
ought to be, whatever your position on the pipeline, this process ought to
work its way to a sensible conclusion according to the law. What the
Republicans want to do is short circuit it.

Now, there`s some Democrats who by the way are going to vote with them.
They`re generally people like Mary Landrieu, they`re facing reelection in
states that have high concentrations of folks in the energy business. So
they`re going to vote for it. There aren`t enough votes to pass it, I`m
absolutely sure of that, number one. And I`m even more that if they ever
did pass it the president would veto it. And they don`t have enough votes
to overcome the veto.

SCHULTZ: Yeah. What about this talk about a deal with minimum wage?
Can`t minimum wage, can`t the Democrats take a position that minimum wage
has to stand on its own merits?

SHRUM: Oh sure. And Ed by the way, you`re not going to have to find a new
party. Democrats are not going to agree to this deal. They`re not going
to say, "Sure you`re going to have the Keystone Pipeline in return for the
minimum wage." It`s outrageous, it`s demagogic it`s an attempt, as that
earlier to take another hostage. Look the Republicans have become -- and
some -- not all of them believe this but they think they have to be this
way. They become climate deniers. They can`t survive.


SHRUM: You listen to some of these Republicans who are running in 2016,
they sound like they`re running president of Fox News not president of the
United States.

SCHULTZ: Great to have you with us Bob Shrum,.

SHRUM: Thank you.

SCHULTZ: .appreciate your time tonight. Thank so much we`ll do it again.
Coming up the Supreme Court cracks the barrier separating church and state.
The Rapid Response Panel weight in on that. But first, Joni Ernst, lays
off the hogs and takes aim at Obamacare. Trenders is next, stick around,
we`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: But what`s hot out there to social media? Trenders coming up,
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Here`s what`s hot, here are today`s top Trenders voted on by you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whoa careful there Annie Oakley.

SCHULTZ: The number three Trender, take a shot.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She is not your typical candidate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah you can say that again.

SCHULTZ: Joni Ernst trades the pigsty.

castrating hogs from an Iowa farm.


ERNST: Washington is full of big spenders. Let`s make them squeal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Squeal, squeal.

SCHULTZ: Put a shooting range in her latest ads.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Once she sets her sights on Obamacare Joni is going to

ERNST: It really is how I am. Give me a shot.

SCHULTZ: The number two Trender, call of duty.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A woman stopped breathing after overdosing. She was
near death until Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber came to her rescue.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Here I came to save the day.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If it weren`t for the governor`s quick actions fire
crew`s safety might have ended up differently.


SCHULTZ: Oregon`s governor proves to be a life saver again.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Before he ever gone into politics Governor John
Kitzhaber was an E.R. doctor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I`m the doctor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s not the first time the governor has played the
role of first responder. Back in April 2010, he stopped a debate in Eugene
to stabilize a man who is having seizure.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re my hero.

SCHULTZ: And today`s top Trender, the 9ers.

House Republicans will form the 9th Congressional Committee to investigate
this attack in Benghazi.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What are central question that you want to learn from

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Same three questions more than that I had 20 months

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What`s the point?

SCHULTZ: Here go your tax dollars folks.

Republicans won`t give up on their Benghazi witch hunt.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to talk to everyone who has first hand knowledge
and I want access to every documents.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What else about Benghazi is the Obama administration
still hiding?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everything that this committee was looking has
already been looked at ad nauseam.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am not interested nor did I sign up for a committee
that is not going to get to the bottom of it.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now is Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters.
Eric, good to have you with us tonight. What else is there for the GOP to
learn about the Benghazi attacks that hasn`t been uncovered or talked about
in the past? Where -- this thirst for new information, why won`t it go

ERIC BOEHLERT, MEDIA MATTERS: Well because it`s not their correct
information. I mean this, you know, we`ve had several investigations.
Just in January, the Senate Select Committee released their report on
Benghazi. And it was bi-partisan support. Actually debunk lots of the
right-wing myths that there was a stand down order, that there was not
connection with the video that Obama had ignored previous warnings and
things like that. So we have reports, we`ve had independent reviews.
They`re just not the right answers. So the Republican position is, "Let`s
start all over, we`ve don`t this for 20 months, let`s start all over."

You know, it`s interesting, you know, what was the midterm election season
supposed to be all about? It was supposed to be about Obamacare. It was
supposed to be about the debacle of health insurance. Fox News doesn`t
talk about Obamacare anymore. And why is that? Because 8 million people
signed up, there was a torrent of positive headlines, you know, in March
and April about the cost and things like that. So they`ve gone to plan B
and plan C and here they are. So this is the only topic that, you know,
the right wing noise machine is going to talk about.

Even -- and so as you .


BOEHLERT: . as you point out, the entire thing hinges around unanswered
questions. If you just repeat that enough I guess you can get more
investigative committees up on the hill.

SCHULTZ: Well this congressman that has been appointed to head up the 9th


SCHULTZ: .claims that there are -- that they have not had access to


SCHULTZ: That there are documents out there that have not been released.
What`s your response to that?

BOEHLERT: Well I think, you know, we`re going back to the white water era.
You know, now it`s about documents, now it`s about what was redacted, now
it`s about who you mailed who and now we`re just sort of down the rabbit
hole. I mean what this select committee suggest is, you know, the house
investigations have been incompetent for the last two years. Why won`t


BOEHLERT: .able to uncover all these information? And, you know, and
again, so we have a political problem and we have a press problem and it`s
not just Fox News. I mean just this week we`re finding that CBS, you know,
hasn`t been complete transparent about what really happen with their 60
minutes Benghazi debacle last year. And how that`s -- how were report that
poorly sourced was able to make it to air. So you think the politicians,
you think the press would sort of learn from their mistakes but, you know,
the right wing in this country seems to have a grip on the agenda.

SCHULTZ: How much does Hillary Clinton play into this, the fact that she
was the Secretary of State at that time and they`re really seems to be a
desperate attempt to prove that she`s incompetent?

BOEHLERT: Right. Again, you know, this has been the talking points since
the beginning. You know, if you read most of the articles, there`s sort of
ex-conventional wisdom that these investigations are now all about Hillary.
There`s almost to evidence that this has hurt her in any political way. I
mean her support among Democratic voters is unprecedented for two years
outside of election campaign. She has double digit leads over most
Republican candidate. So we had -- there`s no evidence, you know, the idea
is, "Oh more hearings. We`re going to hurt her, you know, it`s going to
hurt the Democrats." But again, you know, Fox can talk about this all they

There`s no evidence that it`s -- that the American people are as obsessed
nor is there any evidence that they ought to be this obsessed. We`ve had
the investigations .

SCHULTZ: What we`ve .

BOEHLERT: . we`ve had the oversight.

SCHULTZ: Well we`ve got Lindsey Graham using .


SCHULTZ: . the term smoking gun.


SCHULTZ: I mean they`re selling thing hard. They`ve been, you know,
hecklers from the stance on the economy.


SCHULTZ: 50 months of private sector job growth. They`ve had nothing to
with that. Obamacare has done a 180.


SCHULTZ: It`s not how you start, its how you finish.


SCHULTZ: And so your point is that this is all about successes as much as
it is if there might be something there. Now on Benghazi .


SCHULTZ: . there has not been one -- there is not been one Democrat that`s
come out and question this whole process saying, "You know what? There
might be something new here." None .


SCHULTZ: . of that is out there, is it?

BOEHLERT: No. And again if this were strict, you know, I just -- as I
mentioned the senate was, that was, you know, a traditional bipartisan
senate review. And .


BOEHLERT: And again if you go back to the Clinton years, there were
Democrats that supported certain, you know, investigations. There were
Democrats that have serious concerns about, you know, some of those so
called scandals. This is down the isle, pure partisanship. And look, if
Fox News wasn`t driving this, the Republican Party would not be starting
more investigations 20 months later.


BOEHLERT: They are prisoner to that right wing noise machine.

SCHULTZ: Eric Boehlert, Media Matters, good to have you with us tonight,
thanks so much.


SCHULTZ: Still ahead. The separation of church and state is getting
thinner. Rapid Response Panel weights in. And later the self appointed
militia at the Bundy ranch gets very aggressive with residents.
Congressman Steven Horsford joins me with the latest. But next I`m taking
you questions, Ask Ed Live just ahead on the Ed Show on MSNBC we`ll be
right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show, love hearing from our viewers,
tonight in our Ask Ed Live segment.

Our first question comes from Allen, "Who is your favorite teacher, Ed?"

Well, that`s easy Allen. My mother. She was a high school English
teacher. I get special counseling every night. I don`t make grammatical
errors and if I did Mary Schultz is rolling over in her grave. I`m not
allowed. My mom was great lady, a great teacher, very dedicated. And I
know that there`s millions of teachers across this country just like my mom
and I respect them so much.

Our next question is from Judson. "What do you think widespread charter
schools would do to our education system?"

Well, I think it would destroy it as we know it, which I think
Conservatives really want to do. They think that privatization of
everything is the way the country has to go. The great thing about public
education is when the door is open everybody is welcome, the rich, the
poor, the gifted, the challenged. And for some reason that`s system is
under attack in America because we are trying to make the case from the
conservative point of view that this teacher`s union thing is no good. And
they got three months a year off, and they just got it too easy. It`s all

If we go down the road of charter schools in a big majority, what we`re
going to see is minority kids in this country really short-changed when it
comes to opportunity and that is not the America I grew up in. I`m proud
to say that you`re looking at a product of public education.

Stick around, Rapid Response Panel is next.

SUE HERERA, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: I`m Sue Herera with your CNBC Market Wrap.

Tech stocks and financials waved on the market. The Dow falls 129 points,
the S and P off 16, the Nasdaq shed 57.

Disney shares though are higher after hours. The company`s revenue and
earnings came in ahead of estimates. But shares of Whole Foods moving in
the other in the other direction down more than 10 percent, profits meets
expectations and revenue was also were tagged light (ph).

And Twitter slid nearly 18 percent after a lock up period ended for about
500 million shares.

And that`s it from CNBC, we are first in business worldwide. We`ll be back
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SCHULTZ: Welcome back to the Ed Show. Thanks for watching tonight.

On Monday, America took a big step back in the fight for separation of
church and state. In a five a five to four decision, the Supreme Court
cleared the way for local officials to open public meetings with explicitly
Christian prayers, if you can`t see why this sets a dangerous precedent,
look no further than Alabama`s Roy Moore.

Mr. Moore the Chief Justice of Alabama State Supreme court is best known
for refusing to remove a 10 commandments monument from the Alabama judicial
building back in 2003. Well, the hits keep coming. Earlier this year,
Moore suggested the first amendment really only applies to Christians.


United States Supreme Court has been deceived as to one little word in the
First Amendment called religion. They can`t define it. They can`t define
it the way Mason, Madison and even the United Sates Supreme Court define
it, the duties we owe to the creator in the manner of discharging it.

They don`t want to do that because that acknowledges the creator God.
Buddha didn`t create us. Mohammed didn`t create us. It`s the God and the
Holy Scriptures. They didn`t bring Koran over on the Pilgrim ship, the
Mayflower. Let`s get real. Let`s go back and learn our history. Let`s
stop playing games.


SCHULTZ: If you need further proof of the dangers of religious favoritism,
there`s always Louie Gohmert.


LOUIE GOHMART: Like John Adams said, you know, this was intended to govern
a moral and religious group that`s not fit for governing any others. It
only is fit for people who cling to their God and their guns, you know.


SCHULTZ: Joining me now in the Rapid Response Panel Political commentator
and TV host, John Fugelsang and Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United for the
separation of church and state, great to have both of you with us tonight.

Reverend, you first, what`s your response to that kind of rhetoric? Does
that interpretation make non believers or people of other faiths in our
country almost second class citizens and look down upon?

REV. BARRY LYNN, EXEC. DIR. AMERICANS UNITED: No, it absolutely does make
them feel like second class citizens and we of course sue Judge Roy Moore
to get that 10 commandments monument out.

He was eventually thrown off the Alabama Supreme Court by all of his
colleagues, all of whom are other Republicans. Unfortunately, he did run
for reelection and in a strange circumstance got reelected. Judge Roy
Moore has written, Ed, that it would be OK for the state of Arizona to pass
a law to execute gay people. He has also suggested that even though
there`s no law in the state of Alabama at the moment prohibiting abortion,
God`s law is more important than state law. And they could and should be
prosecuted anyway just like the Nazis were prosecuted after World War II.

So this is a guy who not only is a bigot, but he also doesn`t understand
the constitution. He has a bizarre understanding of Holy Scripture of the
Christian faith, that`s a Trifecta of ignorance that is very damaging, very
dangerous and luckily only two members of the current United States Supreme
Court seemed to be moving in his direction so far off the cliff that
there`s no way to go but down.

SCHULTZ: Well, that`s my next point, Reverend. I mean this is Supreme
Court ruling five to four almost opens the door for Moore to do more of the
kind of rhetoric that he is known for. Your thoughts on that.

LYNN: Yeah, no absolutely it does. The good news is though that they --
there is and the opinion yesterday of the five justices in the majority
some things that apparently would still be unconstitutional like
discriminating against the non believers or discriminating against Hindus
or Muslims in doing so in a very deliberate passion. Or if .


LYNN: . instead of hiring somebody or having someone come in from the
local clergy if it was the legislators themselves who gave the prayer, that
could be open to constitutional challenge. And I can tell you in the last
24 hours we have heard complaints that Americans United from people coast
to coast saying, "We think that our city council or town government has
gone so far that even after yesterday`s bad ruling we still think they`re
doing something wrong."


LYNN: They`re going counter to the very nature and flow of the country
where we try to be more sensitive to people of different belief systems or
people who don`t have any religious background. But five members of the
court yesterday .


LYNN: . seemed to be moving in the opposite direction trying to prove .


LYNN: . that because we had a certain kind of prayer 200 years ago
obviously nothing has change and we don`t have to be more open now. That`s
a silly .


LYNN: . a preposterous theory of governance.

SCHULTZ: John Fugelsang, Moore tried to walk back his statement on Monday
telling a local newspaper for the Montgomery advertisers that the first
amendment, "Applies to the rights God gave us to be free in our modes of
the thinking, and as far as religious liberty to all people, regardless of
what they believe." I`m not quite sure how this explanation changes
anything, your response to that.

JOHN FUGELSANG, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, Ed, this is why modern right
wing Christianity has become the leading cause of Atheism in our society
and it proves that right wing Christians like Judge Moore are dumber than a
box of mere. I`m not going to be as polite as Reverend Barry was on this
matter. It is worth pointing out that eight of the 10 commandments are
completely legal in this country. And in fact coveting our neighbor`s
goods is what our entire economic system is based on.

But this is all about the fact a sheep need to be pleased. So Roy Moore
says this, that`s exactly what they want to hear, this tidal wave of
ignorance at this speech that he gave where he talked about how we have to
only honor the God of Holy Scripture not realizing that Muslims worship the
exact same God of Holy Scripture. And no one every said that Buddha
created the world. And no one ever said Muhammad did either that`s a law.
So he`s dumb as box of mere (ph) we know that.

The real thing is we`ve allowed Congress to worship the golden cap openly
for a long time. And the irony of this is that it`s the liberals who are
the real Conservatives on this issue.


FUGELSANG: Because separation of church and state is the Conservative
point of view,

LYNN: You know, it`s .

SCHULTZ: What does this mean -- go ahead, go head Reverend.

LYNN: Yeah, I mean I was really disheartened that the Obama Administration
came in on the side of having these .


LYNN: . prayers in Greece, New York, the decision yesterday because they
said we`re worried that if they couldn`t pray maybe the congress couldn`t
pray really truly Ed that you think President Obama thinks that the fact
that John Boehner has a prayer before the house of representatives every
morning has led to good, positive legislation. I mean that`s absolutely

FUGELSANG: And it`s unthinkable .

LYNN: And that explanation from Judge Moore, I mean you could put monkeys
into a room with a couple of typewriters and they could have come up with a
more sensible comprehensible statement than what Judge Moore did to kind of
back pedal his way out of that outrageous statement from last week.

FUGELSANG: But Reverend, that`s not really the thing I get it with it is
it`s not really about Christianity, it`s about Christian supremacy.

LYNN: Yeah.

FUGELSANG: Jesus says you take care of the poor. You take care of the
less fortunate. This is about a whole different thing establishing
Christianity as the dominant religion. If Jesus came back, he wouldn`t sue
to make his name be said in Caesar`s house because Jesus wasn`t about
asserting personal power and the irony is these are the guys who are
praying for a separation of Muskegon state over there erasing the wall of
church and state over here and it`s interesting with government and
religions Scalia law is a lot like Sharia law.

SCHULTZ: All right .

LYNN: Good point.

SCHUTLZ: . gentlemen we`ll leave it there. John Fugelsang and Reverend
Barry Lynn, good to have you on the Ed show on this subject tonight.

LYNN: Thank you.

SCHUTLZ: Thank you so much.

Coming up, Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield should keep his thought
of the day to himself.

Pretenders is next.


SCHULTZ: And Pretenders tonight, thoughtless Stacey Campfield.

The Tennessee State Senator went off the rails in a tirade against
healthcare as most Conservatives do. Campfield wrote up his thought of the
day which compared the Affordable Care Act enrollment to sign ups for train
rides for Jews during the Holocaust.

Campfield believes Jewish people shouldn`t be offended by the comparison.
The conservative thinks that they should hear his crude words as a rallying


STATE SEN. STACEY CAMPFIELD, (R) TENNESSEE: My intention was never to
diminish what happened to them. I think those were terrible. What I was
talking about was American`s losing freedoms. And I think if we talk
about, talk to Jewish people about losing freedoms and then having
Government decide who lives and dies through healthcare, or that we`re
going to start making Governments going to start paying for abortions. I
think they should be the first to stand up against it.


SCHULTZ: Stacey Campfield won`t apologize. He returned to his blog to dig
the hole even deeper. The State Senator blames readers for the backlash
saying that they are missing the point. Campfield doesn`t have enough good
judgment to be dog catcher much less State Senator.

If Stacey Campfield believes that he can use genocide to fit his political
agenda, he can keep on pretending.


SCHULTZ: Welcome to the Ed Show.

Supporters of the law breaking Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy are stooping to
a new a level of intimidation tactics. Large groups of armed separatists
are camped around Clark County and the locals don`t like it. One local
reported was met with verbal confrontation.


PETE SANTILLI: Do you feel uncomfortable with your question?


SANTILLI: Who do you work for? Do you work for the American people or do
you work other (inaudible) T.V.

CASTELAN: I work for them everyday.

SANTILLI: Do you believe that the media is state-run? And that some of
your line of questioning are not representative and.

CASTELAN: No I don`t think it`s state-run.

SANTILLI: You don`t think so.


SCHULTZ: The rapid fire interrogation escalated. The report had made a
comment about race presumably referring to Cliven Bundy statements two
weeks ago.


CASTELAN: As a Mexican-American, I don`t think it was biased

SANTILLI: You don`t? Why are you making it. As a Mexican-American you
said? Why .

CASTELAN: They are biased.

SANTILLI: Why do you believe that you need to inject Mexican-Americanism
into your line of questioning?

CASTELAN: The race.

SANTILLI: It`s about race is that what you said? Do you believe it`s
about race, sir? Is that what you said? Do you believe it`s about race?
No, sir, these words are taking out of context. These words are taking out
of context. It`s not about race.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What you did was cowardice OK. That is a God fearing
man and we`re all here, this isn`t about, none of us


SANTILLI: I`ll tell you what he`s protecting your interests regardless if
you`re biased, OK.


SCHULTZ: The reporter was essentially run out of the area.


SANTILLI: You are not serving the American public and you do not deserve
even First Amendment constitutional rights, sir.


SCHULTZ: This is a very clear case of intimidation throwing the term
Constitutional rights around doesn`t get to the root of the problem.
Cliven Bundy is a law breaker. The innocent citizens of Clark County
deserve protection. They should not have to put up with this. Reporters
working to tell the country the story deserve what some of us would term as
professional space.

I believe the American people need to realize what is unfolding here.
These people are camped out there because they`re waiting for the
Government and it seems to me that they are itching for a confrontation.

Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford represents this area, he joins me
tonight. Congressman, I appreciate your time, I would like to know, you
went back home what did you hear from your constituents about this?

REP. STEVEN HORSFORD, (D) NEVADA: Well, thank you Ed for having me on and
for bringing attention to this issue. And while Fox News and Sean Hannity
may have abandoned Cliven Bundy, the militia arms separatists that are
there haven`t. And that`s why the residents of Bunkerville and the
surrounding communities feel unsettled. They are in a situation where they
are literally fearing for their lives. We have local law enforcement who
thought when they were going into the situation that they could very well
die. This is a fuse that has been lit and while it`s calmed a bit it`s
still very much a serious confrontation out there.

SCHULTZ: What are your constituents want? What are they telling you?

HORSFORD: What my constituents in Bunkerville and the surrounding area are
telling me is that they want these arms separatists to leave the community.
The local land issue is one that we can solve on our own. We are working
with the local sheriff and other elected officials. I`m reaching out to
the Governor and others to make sure that we work together to address the
underlying issue, but as you said Cliven Bundy is a law breaker, he needs
to pay up to the Federal Government. But most importantly the arms
separatist need to leave our community.

SCHULTZ: You called them arms separatists. I`m curious about that

HORSFORD: Well, one of my colleagues who serves here in the House is a
decorated war veteran, says to use the term militia gives these individuals
more credit than they deserve. The group that`s left is a French group
that`s remaining. The oath keepers even left because they felt unsafe with
the situation out in Bunkerville and at ranch.

So these are groups that are against the federal government, they have an
alternative agenda, they`re not focused on Cliven Bundy, the cows or public
land, they`re against the Federal Government but we don`t need their agenda
in Bunkerville or Nevada we need them to leave our community.

SCHULTZ: And Congressman, what do you want Governor Sandoval and other
officials to do to take action, what should they do?

HORSFORD: What I want Governor Sandoval and other elected officials is to
send a united message with me and with the local residents of Bunkerville
and the surrounding community that we want the arm separatists to leave our
community. That we can solve this problem ourselves, the Governor, other
elected officials stand with the people and ask these arm militia to leave
our community.

SCHULTZ: All right. Congressman Steven Horsford, we will follow this
story. It doesn`t sound like they`re going to be leaving the neighborhood
anytime soon. But at the meantime, your constituents, sir, really agitated
and concern for their security we will follow the story. Thank you so much
for joining us tonight and thanks for sticking up for your folks, who you
represent in that part of Nevada.

That`s the Ed Show. I`m Ed Schultz.

Politics Nation with Reverend Al Sharpton starts right now. Good evening,


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