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The Ed Show for Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

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Date: November 26, 2014

Guest: T-Dubb-O, William Barber, Jim Wallis, Paul Douglas, Reese Halter,
Jillian Fisher


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS ANCHOR: ... he turned around and put his
hands up.


BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS: The wave of protest stretching from
coast to coast...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Protesters manage to shutdown the FDR drive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That it`s not a moment, it`s a moment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The crowd was already is already stern, it`s been
stern since August 9th.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tell me it`s not an injustice.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That was the first time you`d ever used your gun, right?

WILSON: Yes, it was.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People get to take you life and not be accountable
with it.

WILSON: I know I did my job right.

BENJAMIN CRUMP, BROWN FAMILY LAWYER: What we are asking to supporters here
to do is to not just make noise. Let`s make a difference.


ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC HOST: Good to have you with us folks, thanks for
watching. There`s been a lot of conversation in recent days about
communication and getting along and understanding one another.

Last night, and there were so many protest across this country, I hearken
back to my young days as a young teenager and the ending of the Vietnam
War. I don`t know, I don`t have the stats but I just have a sense that
there might have been more people in as far as places are concern, in the
streets across American yesterday that might date back some 50 years.

This is a time as I see it for law enforcement to access their local media
and tell people who are protesting, "This is what we`re going to tolerate,
and we`ll be cool if you be cool", because tonight I`m going to bring you a
story of profiling. It`s still going on.

Protesters ramping up across this nation, Tuesday night brought
demonstration over the death of Michael Brown in over 100 cities
nationwide. When was the last time that happened? We`re talking New York,
Washington, Dallas, Oakland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis where there was a
little buff. And also Atlanta, Cincinnati, Portland, Seattle, Kansas City,
Denver, Chicago, Austin, Pittsburgh, Miami.

Somebody`s got to talk to the country in a very serious manner. And you
know all politics is local, all law enforcement is local.

In Ferguson on Tuesday night it was calm compared to Monday night. Over 40
people were arrested for mostly misdemeanor offenses. There were no
reports of arson to buildings. Tear gas was used when protesters broke city
halls windows and damage to police car.

Police seized Molotov cocktail and a semi-automatic pistol. OK, what do
you want the cops to do when stuff like this is going on? I get that. We
got to be cool as a country right now and get our point across as to what
we think has to happen when it comes to change. People in Ferguson are
still unhappy on a number of levels.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have a generation of people who`ve been hurt and
nobody has attempted to restem that what you have. This is admirable,
broken people break things, they break their promises, they break the law,
they break property.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The justice system again has failed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Something needs to change. I believe something needs
to change.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And I feel like right now is at a stand still. It`s
race, we just going to be us against them. We have people who feel like
their voices are not being heard. But they`re not going in proper way of
acting (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where were the police, where were people that said
they had this under control?


SCHULTZ: Voices are not being heard. What is it? Its jobs. The
employment rate among young black people in this country is an
embarrassment. We have a better economy than this and that`s where we can
start fixing it.

Now earlier today a protest took place in downtown St. Louis.
Demonstrators tried getting into City Hall, protesters said police
threatening them with tear gas, but it was never used. Things have calmed
down but there are still large police presences near City Hall.

Let`s go to Oakland, California where demonstration turned violent on
Tuesday night. Some protesters vandalized police cars, broke windows and
businesses in downtown, set fires to trash cans and briefly shutdown two
major free ways. Police said several people were arrested. Protesters in
Oakland had no problem voicing their concerns.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well at least give us something to go on. But they
have nothing. It`s just -- it takes your guts away.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What`s going to happen in future like, what do I look
like bringing a kid into world, a black male into this world for him to get
shoot on the street.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you are a black or brown in this country you are
not human. People get to take you life and not be accountable with it.


SCHULTZ: In Los Angeles, 130 people were arrested downtown. Protesters
set up barricades to stop traffic on the 101 freeway for roughly half an
hour, about 100 people were involved in the blockade. In New York City,
thousands of peaceful protesters took the streets. The groups split off
into several smaller groups, they`ve blocked access to Manhattan and
Williamsburg Bridges, portions of the FDR and West Side Highways and
entrances to Highland Tunnel and Lincoln Tunnels were blocked. NYPD said
10 people were arrested.

In Atlanta, Georgia protests were mostly peaceful. One group did cause
trouble later in the evening by damaging some windows. Overall protester
mostly blocked traffic. Atlanta police said 21 people were arrested.

Boston, Massachusetts saw some of the largest protest on Tuesday night
roughly 1,500 people rallied and Dudley Square. Marched through the street
and blocked traffic in the large peaceful protest. Over 40 people were
arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

Ferguson protest through hundreds of people in Minneapolis Minnesota, there
was a scary moment as the drive drove through a crowd of protesters.


CHARLOTTE JOHNSON, WITNESS: He was talking and getting mad that people
wouldn`t move and then he just plowed through.

JOHN LAURITSEN, WCCO-TV REPORTER: Charlotte Johnson was just feet away
when the woman was hit by the car as this video shows. She saw the protest
quickly turn from peaceful violent.

JOHNSON: And people started banging on the car because he was plowing
through people. And then he just kept going and ran a young girl over and
she was screaming like -- it was really bad.

LAURITSEN: Police say the woman suffered a minor injury to her leg and was
being treated at Regions Hospital. They say once the driver was away from
the crowd, he pulled over and called 911 to report the accident.


SCHULTZ: There is a strong police presence in the St. Louis area.
Although one incident last night tells us law enforcement maybe going a
little bit too far. And may I caution tonight across the country, who`s
doing the leading? And who`s stepping up? Who`s talking to the country,
who was saying we can`t continue to have these kind of protest where
private property is being damage and people lives are put in jeopardy.

Thank God no one`s been killed. Message sent, now law makers got to do
something about it. But law enforcement has a responsibility right now to
understand that the American people are focused on seeing something get
done here and it start at a local level. And the last thing the police can
do is be quite to their community.

I think it is the role of every person in authority in cities all over this
country to communicate exactly what your department is going to do and how
you`re going to treat the citizens. Because this is no time for any kind
of racial profiling or drawing your fire arms on peaceful protesters.
That`s only going to make things worst.

For more let me bring in T-Dubb-O, St. Louis activist and hip hop artist.
T-Dubb-O, good to have you with us tonight I appreciate your time. I
understand that you had unpleasant experience with police yesterday. Tell
us what happened. Thanks for joining us tonight.

T-DUBB-O, ST. LOUIS, MO. ACTIVIST: No problem. Thank you for having me
Ed. I`ve had a bad experience with St. Louis police my entire life. But,
the incident that took place yesterday. We were downtown having lunch in a
TGI Friday`s, it`s a late lunch about 2:00 P.M. we weren`t even active in
any protest that were going on in the area. There are maybe two, three
demonstrations that was going on close to where were but we weren`t even

We left out of TGI Friday`s, hopped into my vehicle, I was driving. Pulled
off, as soon as pulled off I notice three trucks following us closely
behind. We made a left on 4th Street headed towards 70 West. They stay
closed behind us on my chair (inaudible) on a highway. Put a little speed
to it because I was paranoid at that point in time.

I didn`t think detectives, with everything that was going downtown, the
highway shutdown, a protest at the Old Courthouse that they would be
following us. But they stay closely on my tail, I put a little speed to
it, merse (ph) a couple lanes, they moved, I move, I hopped off the
highway. As soon as I hop the highway, I notice them position themselves
to get out of the car.

Now I automatically assumed that it was the KKK because we received several
death threats from the KKK that they were going to kill me, kill Bassem
Masri who`s a live streamer here, kill Rica Taylor (ph), a young woman
who`s been active on the ground as well.

So, instantly I start to prepare to defend ourselves. Once I see them hop
off the vehicle I noticed it was the police, I put my hands up and
everybody follow suit when they see put my hand up. They instantly pull me
out the car and asked me for license or registration, put their 40 caliber
to my head, told me if I move they`ll blow my head off.

Asked them what we were being arrested for, what was we stopped for, why
were their following us. They told me stop asking questions before people
have to have a protest for me. I see them put a 40 caliber to Rica
Taylor`s (ph) head a young woman, single mother, a college student. They
put their guns to her head. At that point in time I began to be nervous.
I don`t want anything to happen to her so I decided to comply and stop
asking question.

They pick me off the ground throw me in a back of a car. No one could
never tell me what we were stopped for. As soon I got in the back of the
car the officer whose truck I was sitting in. He told me that he didn`t
know why they stopped us. They had just watching my car for the last
couple of weeks. And for the last five days they`ve had heavy surveillance
on us because we were some of the people that were organizing the events
that on the ground, the peaceful protest.

SCHULTZ: So they told you after you went through this entire ordeal that
you have been under surveillance for a few days because they thought that
you were somewhat of a ring leader of these protests that were going to
take place. So basically they told you that you were targeted. You were

T-DUBB-O: Correct.

SCHULTZ: ... and you were followed and you had a gun...

T-DUBB-O: Correct.

SCHULTZ: ... put to your head. OK, I got to clear the air. I want to
clear air here T-Dubb. Did they have any reason to do this to you in any
stretch of the imagination?

T-DUBB-O: None whatsoever. But they have no reason to do it any black
male just walking down the street.


T-DUBB-O: It happened to me yesterday...


T-DUBB-O: ... it was a part of example of what happened to Michael Brown.

SCHULTZ: OK. Well, you had to be scared as hell were you?

T-DUBB-O: Not at all, I`ve been experiencing this, my entire life. I was
scared for the young lady that was with us. I wasn`t afraid from myself.
There`s nothing more they can do me besides take my life.

SCHULTZ: Have you told law enforcement that you had these threats from the

T-DUBB-O: Of course, they know. Local media here has done reports on it.
Law enforcement are fully aware. When they pull Bassem Masri out the back
of the car, the Palestinian journalist he had on his bullet proof vest, and
asked me why he had it. Was someone trying to kill him? And I heard
someone whispered a KKK. You know, they completely disrespectful.

Asked me what gang I was in, where were the drugs, am I a dupe dealer
rapper, call the young woman who was with us out of her name told to her to
shut the F up before they kill her because they have a gun to her head of
course she`s been arrested. They were completely out of control and
disrespectful. These aren`t the people they should be patrolling and
protecting our communities.

SCHULTZ: All right, do you think this experience is a common experience
for youth in St. Louis, for black youth in St. Louis?

T-DUBB-O: Yes, this happen everyday. It slowed now since August 9th.
Since they`re so busy they can`t harass people on a daily like they
normally do. But, as I said I wasn`t afraid, it was something that I was
used to happening to me.

SCHULTZ: What are going to do from here on? I mean are you going to be
involved in other activist activities to keep the protests going or -- what
happened to you yesterday have anything to change your mind at all.

T-DUBB-O: No, I`m going to continue to fight. We have too. I can no
longer to continue to live like this. I have two sons. I can`t raise them
to live this way. I`m going to continue fight. They know me for once Rica
Taylor (ph) as well Bassem, some of the people that are focusing on future
things, building a programmatic response to prevent these injustices from
happening in our communities and the communities across the nation.

We`ve been working with, with companies nationwide and organization
nationwide. We`ve been to the White House, we went down to IACP Conference
in Orlando and shut that down the Chiefs the Police Conference. So they
know who we are.

And we aren`t the people out there burning down building but at the same
time we`re the people that`s working to rebuild the system that`s put in
place oppress certain class of people. So they`re trying to get us out of
the way.

SCHULTZ: T-Dubb-O, I appreciate your time tonight. We`re going to come
back to you next week and follow up on the story. I would like to get a
statement from the St. Louis Police Department that followed you, why you
were followed and why was a gun put to your head. I`m curious as to what
their police procedures are there. I appreciate to night. T-Dubb-O thank
so much.

T-DUBB-O: No problem thanks.

SCHULTZ: I appreciate it.

T-DUBB-O: Thank you Ed, you have a good day.

SCHULTZ: You bet. Yes sir, thank you.

Get your cellphone out. I want to know what you think on this folks. Do
you think these protests will have an impact on police procedures?

Text A for yes, text B for no to 67622, you could always go to our blog and
leave a comment at We`ll bring you the result later on in
the show.

I want to bring in two gentlemen now who can react to what they just heard.
Let me bring in the Reverend Dr. William Barber, President of the North
Carolina NAACP and Jim Wallis, President and founder of Sojourners.

Gentlemen, thank you for your time tonight. Reverend Barber, what he just
described I find horrific. No American should have to go through something
like that. And somebody ought to call the St. Louis cops on the carpet for
acting like that and not -- and clearly getting away with it. It`s clearly
intimidation, your thoughts on it.

and it`s happening too often. That is why what you`re seeing in this
country, if I might lift the scripture, during the first Christmas when
black boys and brown boys were being killed by out of control king. The
scripture said, you could hear the voice of racial weeping and wailing and
crying in rain (ph), refusing to be comforted.

People are refusing to be comforted. You`re seeing these non-violent
protests everywhere because what we have is, every 28 hours a black man is
being killed according to one statistic. You had 29,000 ticketing in St.
Louis and those surrounding areas last year, 86 percent of them were
African-America, 92 percent of the arrest. You have more people, African-
American males in prison today that you had in slavery in 1850.

And that is why people are refusing to be comforted because of this system
of Jim Crow, this over profiling, over criminalization, over arresting,
over incarcerating and now the over killing...


BARBER: ... of African-American men. It is a tragedy that we have to --
that the system is being indicted right now by what we see going on.

SCHULTZ: Well I think police procedures need to be called on the carpet.
Now we just had Darren Wilson say in the Michael Brown incident, the death
that took place, that his gun misfired. OK that`s what his testimony was.

We just had a story of T-Dubb-O say that he had 40 caliber gun put to his
head. What if the gun had misfired? We`d had another dead black youth on
our hands. And for what reason, what excuse would the cops have used then?

I mean if we don`t start talking about police procedure they`re just going
to continue on. I think they have to justify what they`re doing when you
get stories like this.

BARBER: Well, no doubt.

SCHULTZ: So what if -- go ahead.

BARBER: Well what I wanted to say is, that why our President Cornell
Brooks is calling for a march from St. Louis to Ferguson this coming
Saturday to lift up that we want cameras on every policeman. We want a
national review board, we need real enforcement and citizen review board at
the local level and we must start having some cases where people are found
guilty when they are killing...


BARBER: ... African-American men. We cannot continue to have a system
where there`s a path (ph) and Ed...

SCHULTZ: All right.

BARBER: ... it`s just there. I could name you three or four cases on both
side of the gun where African-American shot someone and incarcerated for
the wrong reason and vise versa.

SCHULTZ: All right, Reverend Wallis what do you expect to come out of all
the protests that we saw in hundred cities last night and where is this

JIM WALLIS, PRESIDENT, SOJOURNERS: My brother and friend just responded as
a faith leader so let me try to respond your question as a dad. I`m a
faith leader too but as a dad. When you just talked to T-Dubb-O to what
his experience, you said, is common for a young black youth in St. Louis?
He said yes.

Now here`s a deal. We know every black dad in America has to talk, a
conversation with their son, their daughters now about protecting
themselves from the police.

Now, I`m a white dad. I don`t have to have that talk with my 16-year-old,
my 11-year-old son. Until white dads and white moms say it`s not
acceptable for black dads and black moms to have that talk, we`re not going
to move forward. Black young people, young men are treated differently
than my kids.

Now, that`s going to be an issue for white dads and white moms, and
Christians have to begin to act more Christian than white. And if we do
that, then black parent can live less fear for their kids. We got to say
Ed, this is wrong that it`s time to right, and that going to turn Ferguson
from a moment into a movement.

Ferguson is all over the country. Turn this moment into a movement and
white dads and white moms and white people of faith have to speak this way
alongside their black brothers and sisters.

SCHULTZ: I don`t know what the advice from a father would be to what T-
Dubb-O just explained. He`s followed and he`s tailed for miles and then he
has a gun put to his head when he`s done nothing wrong. Now what
counseling does a parent give to a kid to make sure that he doesn`t get
shoot or does all the things right, not knowing what kind of cop is going
to be there?

There so much to talk about here, I`ve got to move along. Reverend Barber
and Reverend Wallis I appreciate your time tonight.

And for our audience, we have asked for a response to the story from the
St. Louis Police Department and we haven`t got anything back.

Remember to answer tonight`s question there at the bottom of the screen,
share you thoughts with us on Twitter@edshow and on Facebook. We want to
know what you think.

Coming up, Officer Darren Wilson in his own words, his first interview
gives us a glimpse into exactly what`s swayed the grand jury.

Plus, winter weather takes a toll on Thanksgiving travel. We`re talking
about climate change and how it could be ruining everything over the

Stay with us we`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to The Ed Show. Since the events of August 9th,
many Americans have questioned what exactly went through Officer Darren
Wilson`s mind before he fired the shots that killed unarmed teenager
Michael Brown. Now we know.

An exclusive interview with ABC News` George Stephanopoulos, Darren Wilson
described how the struggle started in his police car.


WILSON: I used my door to try and push him back and yell at him to get
back. And again he just pushed the door shut and just stares at me. And
as I looked back at him, all of a sudden punches started flying.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He threw the first punch?

WILSON: Yes. He threw the first one and hit me in the left side of my

STEPHANOPOULOS: Because, you know, some of the witnesses have said that,
they saw you trying to pull him into the car.

WILSON: That would be against to every training ever taught to any law
enforcement officer.


SCHULTZ: Wilson went on to explain why he felt justified drawing his fire


WILSON: At that time I gave myself another mental check. Can I shoot this
guy? You know, legally, can I? And the question I answered myself was, I
have to if I don`t, he will kill me if he gets to me.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Even though he`s what? 35, 40 feet away?

WILSON: Once he`s coming in that direction, if he hadn`t stopped yet, when
he`s going to stop?


SCHULTZ: It`s fair to assume Missouri`s use of force law came into play
here. In a State of Missouri a law enforcement officer can use deadly
force to make an arrest or prevent an escape from custody. When the
officer believes it`s immediately necessary, the officer must also have
reason to believe that the person has, "Committed or attempted to commit a
felony, is trying to escape by use of a deadly weapon, or may otherwise
endanger life or inflict serious physical injury unless arrested without
delay." Darren Wilson believes he met those requirements.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Is there anything you could have done differently, that
would prevent that killing from taking place?





SCHULTZ: Joining me now is Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire radio host and
America`s Lawyer. Mike, good to have you with us tonight. It seems that -
- and I`m going to judge here, OK? This is my opinion that this guy has
got crafted answers to match the law so he could escape justice.

I mean the fact is there was a struggle at the car. The kid left the car
and then the officer pursued him which is a whole different phase of what
transpired between both of them. Your thoughts on the law, what unfolded
and the Missouri Law that comes into play here, Mike.

MIKE PAPANTONIO, HOST, RING OF FIRE RADIO: Well the big picture Ed, to me
this is a media charm offensive. This is what`s going on here. We seen
this Darren Wilson well-rehearsed, highly produced P.R. media circus.
Before, we`ve seen it with George Zimmerman with the media usually because
of laziness or lack of common sense and insight allows the victim in a case
to be dirtied up beyond recognition.

So there`s no way to talk about the law without understanding that this
media circus is part of what`s happening here. At the same time the
accused is allowed to morphed into this brilliant made for T.V. folk hero.
It`s an easy formula for any well-lawyered up P.R. team like the one
handling Darren Wilson to do that.

By the time all the riot and gun smoke clears knee jerk conservative
outlets are going to trial this case a different way.

Places like Fox News are going to make Darren Wilson into their latest hero
figure like Joe the Plumber, Ted Nugent, or Cliven Bundy, and George
Zimmerman. He`s going to be their freakish kind of every man superstar.
So as you talk about the law you need to understand, Johnny Cochran used to
be my law partner Ed. And he understood that you win a lot of times in the

The real conservative Fox News quality outlets in a couple of months are
going to be throwing Wilson`s name around for Tea Party Congressional
Seater, the very least the contender spot on "Dancing With the Stars".
That`s how ridiculous this is going to be.


PAPANTONIO: And we see it happening right now. Within a month Wilson is
going to be this addictive cracked cocaine commodity like -- for the Honey
Boo Boo quality media crowd. That`s where they want to go with this.

SCHULTZ: Mike what about the law? What about the Missouri Law? If the
deceased left the car -- if he`s leaving the car after a confrontation
obviously the officer`s life is no more -- no longer in danger. He could
have taken a different action.

PAPANTONIO: That`s right.

SCHULTZ: He could have stayed in the car. He could have called for
backup. I mean in a sense if he`s life was in jeopardy, he thought that.
Why didn`t the officer protect himself by just staying in the car and
calling for backup?

It`s like there`s two different chapters here. I don`t see his life being
in danger through the entire 90-second encounter. So how does the law
apply and fix this guy`s freedom?

PAPANTONIO: Well, first of all they`re trying to nix this up to where one
incident ties into the other. They`re trying to make inseparable -- an
inseparable incident. If you really want to analyze what -- you to start
analyzing what happened inside the car. The place to begin is,
understanding Wilson`s narrative about what happened in that car.

It`s to remember and this is very important Ed. Wilson initially submitted
a police report that provided almost zero subtenant information because
they had to set up for the very question that you`re asking.


PAPANTONIO: And that is where, you know...


PAPANTONIO: ... was it reasonable force? His lawyers advised him to do
that so he could develop his story around whatever forensic evidence
surface later.

SCHULTZ: Sure. And the question from the grand jury was could Brown`s
fists count as weapons. And the prosecuting attorney said well that`s what
you folks have to go behind closed doors and talk about.


SCHULTZ: I mean it`s very clear they were just leading him down a path of
freedom as I see it.

PAPANTONIO: Well look, it`s a common practice when a cop kills a civilian,
they need time to think about what their going to say before they come up
with the report for the very issues...


PAPANTONIO: ... that you`re raising here, Ed. In weeks that followed
after this incident, Wilson with the help of his lawyers was able to
construct, his sketchy story about a black teenager slowly walking in the
middle of the road immediately after stealing a handful of cigars. And
they characterize this hulkish, apparently delusional, drug-crazed, black
hulk after stealing those cigars.

Now think about the report, Ed. It says this, after stealing the report,
he starts -- the cigars, the officer shows up in his uniform in his patrol
car and this 18-year-old starts throwing F-bombs at the police officer
immediately. Why is that there? Why was it put there? It was put there
because you have to create this Lucifer-like demon reaching the...


PAPANTONIO: ... police cruiser with one hand according to the report
handing cigars to his fiendish friend with the other hand and begin bashing
our overpowered...

SCHULTZ: All right.

PAPANTONIO: ... 6`4", 230 pound hero on the edge of consciousness. So,
it`s well choreographed, Ed.

SCHULTZ: Mike Papantonio we got to run. I appreciate your time tonight,
Mike. Thanks so much. Thank for being with us on The Ed Show. I
appreciate it.

Coming up, how climate change could impact your Thanksgiving celebration?

Plus, we have your turkey day football preview. I`ve got predictions.

I`m taking your questions next, Ask Ed Live. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to The Ed Show. I appreciate all your questions.
Only one question tonight in our Ask Ed Live segment and it comes from
Fred. "What do you think the nation has to be thankful for this year?"

You know what? Fred, we have the same things to be thankful for this year
as we did last year, our freedom, our chance to be with friends and family
and to prosper. And we got to make sure as Americans we don`t leave people
behind. I could talk for hours on income inequality because it`s near and
dear to my heart.

We can be thankful that there are some people in this country who recognize
that there inequities in our society and are willing to stand up and do
something about it. And I think all of us know who those people are.

Stick around rapid response panel is next.

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Fillings for first time jobless claims rose last week, jumping 21,000 to
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And orders for durable goods rose last month thanks to a gain in
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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To be here having to wait seven hours now because the
plane was delayed for half hour. It`s a little -- I mean it`s frustrating.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Next stop is tomorrow, late afternoon getting in a late
Thanksgiving night.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can`t get in on flight. Everything is booked. So
I`m just going to go home and eat with some friends.


SCHULTZ: The weather, welcome back to The Ed Show.

Along the East Coast, holiday travelers are dealing with some pretty rough
weather. Drivers on Interstate 76 in Philadelphia are facing slick road
conditions and accumulating snow. This is just the first wave which will
impact millions of people over the next 12 hours.

Air travelers are also facing delays and cancellations. The FlightAware
Misery Map shows 6,915 total delays just this day and over 1,300
cancellations today.

Last week, a lake-effect system dumped an epic seven feet of snow near
Buffalo, New York. The area had a rapid warm up in the days following and
dealt with sporadic flooding. These weather occurrences are likely from
global climate change.

Recent study show the planet is getting hotter. 2014 may end up being the
warmest year ever. NOAA research shows the combined average temperature
over global land and ocean surfaces for October of 2014 was the highest
October on record. Anybody paying attention?

Five over the last six months have set global monthly heat records. Delays
for travelers are just one tiny part of the problems climate change is
bringing into our everyday lives.

Joining me tonight in a Rapid Response Panel, Paul Douglas, Senior
Meteorologist at Media Logic Group at Minneapolis. Also with us tonight,
Dr. Reese Halter, Conservation Biologist with MUSE school and author of
"Shepherding the Sea". Great to have both of you gentlemen with tonight.

We`ve got more weather knowledge here than ever before I think. How long
is this East Coast snow going to go on? What are we looking at?

pretty fast tomorrow morning. It`s moving quickly. It`s really an I-95
storm Ed. East of I-95 and up warm area for a mix of rain, a little bit of
ice, some slit pellets. West of I-95 is where you`ve got the really heavy
wet sloppy, gloppy (ph) snow. This is a heart attack snow.

Keep in mind, shoveling snow is actually more strenuous that being on a
treadmill because it involves your upper body. You`re moving your arms,
much more taxing on your heart and then you`re outside to boot of course
and that constricts your blood veins, your arteries all of which increases
that potential for a heart attacks.

Every year, thousands of Americans wind up in hospitals because of coronary
problems brought on by too much shoveling too fast. But this is a fast-
moving storm, the worst of it coming right now tonight and then it quickly
gets better tomorrow.

SCHULTZ: Paul, any other weather systems expected to over the Thanksgiving

DOUGLAS: It looks pretty quiet Ed, for the next couple of days. And I
went back, looked at the data. We`re not seeing more nor`easters. We`re
not seeing more coastal storms but, as you pointed out, we are
inadvertently juicing the atmosphere. We`re now at 400 parts per million,
more carbon dioxide in the year that anytime in the last 800,000 years.

You know, we`ve been poking at the climate system with the long sharp stick
and then acting surprise when the weather fights back. So, you can`t blame
this storm on climate change. It would have happened regardless, but by
juicing the atmosphere, by warming up the atmosphere, warming up the
oceans, there`s literally more moisture in the air.

Basic physics. If you warm up the air, it can hold more water vapor and
more fuel to produce heavier precipitation. And New England has seen the
greatest spike in these extreme precipitation events, summer rains and
winter snows. It`s counterintuitive...


DOUGLAS: ... but if it`s snowing harder and heavier in the winter, some of
that is because we`ve loaded more greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

SCHULTZ: Dr. Halter, warm temperatures in the Lake Erie contributed to
Buffalo`s really freak snowstorm last week. What else could the
unreasonable -- an unseasonal should I say temperatures lead to? What do
you think?

DR. REESE HALTER, CONSERVATION BIOLOGIST: Well, good evening Ed, and nice
to see you Paul. Let me put this into perspective because there is a
bigger story here. And that is, we`re -- the oceans are so warm. In fact
the oceans -- the last six months of ocean-wide temperature have been the
warmest six months that we`ve ever seen.

Now that is despite -- that is despite the ice sheet in Greenland and West
Antarctica adding the equivalent of 180 million Olympic swimming pools of
ice-cold water. This system, as Paul actually pointed out, we`re in for
more climate disruption. And these are bigger, more angrier storms that
are going to bite down on travelers, they`re going to bite down on our food
supply and the -- look, for every problem, there are at least three

Future proofing and beginning at every town and city to prepare for the
future is the only way forward here. Ed?

SCHULTZ: Well, looking at what we`re seeing, this trend, as troubling as
can be. If we do nothing Dr. Halter, where are we going to be in 10 years?
I mean if we`ve seen this happen over the last -- you know we`re -- I mean,
the things that you`re putting out, where we`re going to in 10 years if we
do nothing?

HALTER: Epic. Epic, and as a matter of fact, to put it also, when China
and America signed a greenhouse gas agreement that begins to take place in
2030, that is hogwash. We have a very narrow window to act. I would say
2020. My colleagues would say, no, half of that by 2017.

We have to have a battle plan and look, change is opportunity in disguise.
Entrepreneurs know that. They take calculated risks. The lawmakers,
Ivanhoe and his clan in D.C. are wasting precious time.

And by the way, an addict never has a problem until they look in a mirror
and say, "Help" and then we roll up our sleeves.

SCHULTZ: All right, Paul Douglas, Reese Halter, great to have you
gentlemen with us tonight. Thanks so much for joining us. Have a great
weekend coming up.

Coming up here on The Ed Show -- you bet. How corporate greed is ruining
Thanksgiving celebrations for a lot of workers across this country. We`re
talking about protecting American traditions here and American workers.

Keep it here. We`ll be right back.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to The Ed Show. Time now for the two-minute drill,
we got all kinds of football coming up. Three big games in the NFL
tomorrow, it starts with Jay Cutler and the 5-6 Bears is going to be taking
on Matt Stafford and the 7-4 Lions. Let me just say that Marc Trestman,
coach of the Bears is a heck of a lot better than their record. Glad
there`s more season left.

Second game, Mark Sanchez, the 8-3 Eagles are going to take Tony Romo who`s
hot as of late and 8-3 Cowboys. I call it Romo to roll (ph) on this one.
This is a huge NCE match up. Both teams are currently tied for first place
in the division. I`ll take the cowboys.

Last game, Russell Wilson, he`s still hot, 7-4 Seahawks are going to take
on Colin Kaepernick and the 7-4 San Francisco 49ers who I don`t like. And
I don`t like the 49ers, no offense to the folks of the West Coast. I`ve
never been a Jim Harbaugh fan. I just never been a Harbaugh fun and I hope
the 49ers lose.

All right, it`s the first time, you know, these two teams have played since
last year`s heated NFC championship game.

All right, this weekend is a huge weekend in collage football. Hit and
crack and tumble, here we go. On Saturday, 8-3 Minnesota Gophers are going
to take on the 9-2 Wisconsin Badgers.

Now I have seen both of these teams play this year. Minnesota barely
showed up against TCU, and I`ll tell you want? This kid on the right,
right there, Melvin Gordon, if there`s a better running back in the
country, somebody tell me who it is. This guy is unreal. He has got a
second and third gear. He`s tough between the tackles. He could break the
game wide open.

I know I live in Minnesota but it got to tell you, I`m going with the
Badgers at Camp Randall. I think they`re going to win this thing. I mean
he`s got a record-breaking season as it nears 2,200 total rushing for the
season, has a shot at Barry Sanders` record.

Another big match up is taking place down at Tuscaloosa, Alabama this
Saturday. We got the 5-3 Auburn Tigers, this is what they`re living for
right now, a chance to beat number one Alabama. Alabama at 10-1, currently
ranked where they really should be. No doubt it`s going to be a fun
weekend of pro and college football.

Stay with us. We`ll be right now on The Ed Show.


SCHULTZ: Welcome back to The Ed Show. This is the story for the folks who
take a shower after work.

Tomorrow kicks off Black Friday sales for a number of greedy retailers.
Yeah, that`s right it`s Thanksgiving tomorrow. Workers around the country
are protesting and demanding fair treatment and they ought to get it.
Walmart workers have already started walking off the job in cities across
the country demanding fair wages and consistent hours.

Strikes are expected to continue through Black Friday culminating and
protested over 1,600 Walmart stores across America.

Retail Giant Kmart is also facing backlash. Kmart stores will be open 42
hours straight starting at 6:00 A.M, Thanksgiving morning. The retail
giant claims the shifts will be staffed by volunteers and seasonal
employees. Self-identified Kmart workers responding to a petition on -- well, they tell a different story.

Think Progress published some of the responses including one worker who
said, "She was never given the choice to take off the holiday. My last day
is Wednesday, November 26th. My husband has cancer and I refuse to work
Thanksgiving. I may never have another Thanksgiving with him. I quit."

Legislatures across the country have started to take notice of this. San
Francisco just passed a Retail Workers Bill of Rights giving workers
unprecedented protections including predictable schedules and access to
extra hours. New Jersey is also considering a bill to protect low-wage
workers from being pulled away from family on holidays.

Joining me now is Jillian Fisher who started the petition,
exposing Kmart`s Black Friday practices. Jillian, great to have you with
us tonight. What great work you`re doing and you must be amazed at how
people around the country are responding to it.

We reached out to Kmart for a statement and they said, "Our stores do their
very best to staff with seasonal associates and those who volunteer to work
holidays. Seasonal associates are told upon hire of our holiday store
hours and we make every effort to accommodate associate shift request
during this time. Associates schedules are posted, on average, two weeks
in advance -- including for holidays schedule."

What`s your reaction to that based on what you know?

having me. I`m really excited to be here today.

The statements from Kmart, it`s a little disappointing that they haven`t
taken the time to respond to the accurate results that we`re finding.
Based on my personal experience with my mom, that statement could not be
further from the truth. So, it`s a little upsetting to hear that they`re
just trying to defend themselves and don`t seem to care about their

SCHULTZ: Were you surprised at the response you`re petition?

FISHER: Oh my goodness, yes. I had no idea it would take off, I mean to
see 10,000 signatures is amazing.

SCHULTZ: Tell us about your mom. What did your mom go through?

FISHER: Every year she works Thanksgiving and she`s always been happy to
do so. But last year, I think that was the tipping point was, she called
on the verge of tears and I`ve never heard my mom cry before us. So that
on struck a nerve with me and, to hear her on the verge of tears because
she was scheduled to work at a split shift. And they gave her that
schedule a week before Thanksgiving and not knowing how she`s going to
spend time with family was very upsetting.

And this year, when I heard they were open for 42 hours straight and she
still didn`t have her schedule two weeks in advance, I wanted to take a
stand because I know that it couldn`t be just my mom. And she`s been there
for 21 years. So, she wouldn`t work there if she didn`t like it there.
But it`s just upsetting to see how they`re taking the holiday out of

SCHULTZ: It sure seems that these retail giants are taking advantage of
workers and long-time employees throughout the country, everything for the
bottom line. Is your mom going to be able to spend Thanksgiving with your
family this year?

FISHER: Yes, she is fortunate. They gave her, her requested schedule from
6:00 A.M., so about 5:30 is when she`ll go in until 2:30 P.M. But that
means that somebody else is going to have to be working there and not
spending time with their family.

There`s a lot of really terrible shifts out there. I mean some of them
from, you know, 6:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. Times that are just really, you
know, not fair for them to be working.

SCHULTZ: Jillian Fisher, I appreciate your time tonight. Thanks for doing
this. We need to shine a light on this.

Thanksgiving is being eroded away by middle class Americans because they
have to work for the retail giants. I wish legislation would be done to
reverse this so we can respect people`s time off and time together with

That`s the "Ed Show." I`m Ed Schultz. "Politics Nation" with Reverend Al
Sharpton starts right now. Good evening, Rev.


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