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Clicked: Dear Santa...

My name is Will.  This is what I clicked.


My name is Will.  I'm on vacation (in Florida ).


I would do more dunking, if only it were .

Items for .

The Web has been flooded with mostly text reviews and photos of Star Wars Christmas disasters, but finally, here's a link with original media you can actually listen to (at least until their bandwidth runs out, so you might want to save it first).  The Star Wars Christmas album, .  Absolutely awful!

"If 's were the standard PC in the US every year it would result in the saving of more than 138 million barrels of imported oil, prevent 25 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and landfills would have a reduction of more than 100 tons of e-waste!"  How many SUVs does that equal?  P.S. e-waste??

Not-so-dear Santas:  By the looks of some of , no wonder the kids are afraid.  Check out #7.

While we're making lists...

  • The first 20 of the .  and invites suggestions.
  • Click-happy readers will want to come back to of British recommendations just to make sure you're on top of things.
  • Speaking of click lists, here's a bite sized clickable list of .

Something blogs are good at where traditional media fails is keeping track of stories once they've passed out of the sensational spotlight.  of the soldier who was attacked for wearing an Operation Iraqi Freedom t-shirt?

Speaking of lists and traditional media failing, many bloggers are reveling in this list of .

I'm adding because it's another MSNBC story that folks are mailing to me that I don't know anything about.  Yes, it looks like they're wooing Tucker.  No, I don't know anything about it.  I just come here for the eyestrain headaches and cafeteria food.

Another good here, but I'm not seeing any answers to how these things are hosted.  Do I need to own my own server if I want to podcast?  Is there a for podcasting?

Oh, ...

A North Carolina National Guard member thought to be the first U.S. soldier convicted of murdering an Iraqi said he "snapped" and shot the 17-year-old boy after they had consensual sex, according to court-martial records released this week.

Space food hazard: Space radiation.  ?  P.S. Funny name for the author of this article to have.)

Speaking of food, from what I've heard, the irony of a story like this is after all the , McDonalds does very well in France.

reminds me of that movie Pay it Forward.

Liberty and Justice for all, except and gays, and that thought the "for all" part meant gays.

There's a Commuter Click buffet today:

What's the best way to reap the benefits of an interesting panel discussion without sitting on a folding chair for a few hours or drinking coffee from a styrofoam cup?  Read .

There's a up, which pretty much means "automatic Commuter Click."  This one, about local news blogging is pretty heavy with links though, so it may lose a lot of its value if you print it.

My personal commuter click is in the Register about Bit Torrent.  It's pretty dense and prints out to 14 pages long, so this will likely be my airplane reading for the ride to the in-laws for Christmas.  It looks useful to folks like me who are trying to get a better understanding of BitTorrent.

Speaking of BitTorrent, Livejournal is known for having a particularly young user base, so it's hard to tell if is some kind of marketing trick or if they're really into shows like this in a "Teen Beat" sort of way.  What stands out to me is down at the bottom where it says, "Torrents for the show generally appear on BTEfnet and tvtorrents a few hours after the episodes air.  Conveniently, tvtorrents has brand new high quality copies of the first 5 episodes right now."  TV on demand on the Web.

And... the Slashdot folks are of a couple of major torrent sites.

To quote the great ...

Let's close today with a user submitted Video of the Day:

Hi Will, I just saw your mention of the fun you had with the new Google movie search, and I found a gem I thought I'd share this with ya.  I was digging around for some stunt kite videos, and ran across a video clip that left me slack jawed. Keep in mind, I used to do this sort of thing on purpose, but this is beyond insane. This is what happens when a guy hanging onto a huge kite meets with an unexpected updraft. This guy must have crapped his pants. The cool thing is this clip has an phone interview of the guy that went airborn. .This is a directory of more movies, mostly traction kiting, which is using kite power to ride around on kite buggies and such. There's some .Enjoy-Steve LareauHilltop Design.Com