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Bo Dietl

UPDATE: Bo Dietl is no longer an MSNBC contributor.

Never having been someone who could be content to just take it easy, when Richard "Bo" Dietl retired from the NYPD in March 1985, he founded Beau Dietl & Associates. Specializing in corporate investigations for major international companies, BDA has grown to become one of the largest international agencies with its worldwide headquarters located in the historic Daily News Building at 220 E. 42nd Street in New York City.

Mr. Dietl currently serves as Chairman of the New York State Security Guard Advisory Council, appointed by Governor George Pataki in 1995. In that position he actively strives to raise awareness of client issues within the Security Guard industry and to promote high standards that ensure properly qualified security guard personnel.

As an internationally recognized private investigator and security consultant, Mr. Dietl has over 25 years of investigative and security experience. He has served as a consultant to the Director of Security for the 1996 National Republic Convention in San Diego, California and as the Director of Security for the 1992 National Republican Convention in Houston, Texas. Additionally, Mr. Dietl has advised the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia on issues of personal and physical site security and supervised security services provided for high-ranking officials from the Peoples Republic of China.

The Republican and Conservative Parties of New York State for the 6th Congressional District nominated Mr. Dietl for the U.S. Congress in 1986. Then President Ronald Reagan, then Vice President George Bush and Senator Alfonse D'Amato, as well as The New York Times and The New York Post endorsed his election bid.

As a former member of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), Mr. Dietl is one of the most highly decorated detectives in the history of the department. As a detective with the NYPD, Mr. Dietl investigated numerous homicides and other serious felonies, successfully obtaining evidence through research, interviews and various investigative techniques. During his career with the NYPD he was responsible for over 1500 felony arrests with a remarkable 95% conviction rate. The following cases represent his most notable NYPD career highlights.

In what former New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch labeled "… The Most Vicious Crime in New York City History", this case involved the rape and mutilation of a Roman Catholic nun in the Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish. Working 24 hours a day, Mr. Dietl's efforts led to the arrest and conviction of the suspects in Chicago and New York City.
The Palm Sunday Massacre, reported to be "The Most Heinous Homicide in New York City History", was investigated by the Special Homicide Task Force. Eight children ages three through twelve years and two adults were fatally shot in the head. Detective "Bo" Dietl was a member of this task force that was credited with the arrest and conviction of Christopher Thomas.
Mr. Dietl has been a guest lecturer on Criminal Justice topics at Syracuse University and Central Connecticut State University. He is the author of One Tough Cop: The Bo Dietl Story, published by Pocket Books. Mr. Dietl is also the Executive Producer of One Tough Cop: The Bo Dietl Story, the movie to be released in the Fall of 1998.

While consulting on various motion picture projects, Bo developed a love for the movie business. When One Tough Cop was made into a major motion picture, Bo served in the capacity of Executive Producer. That's when he realized he also had an affinity for the business aspects of the industry. Bo has returned to the film industry, starting his own production company, How Good Is This Production Company, with his partner Steven Witkoff, the mega-developer of The Witkoff Group. The Production Company is currently working on several projects.

As a father, Bo has always been deeply concerned about children's issues, especially their protection and safety. Accordingly, Bo has been the driving force behind the computer software product, One Tough Computer Cop, developed in conjunction with Computer Concepts, Inc. of Bohemia, N.Y. In the same manner as parents monitor their children's activities, this software allows parents to monitor their children's activities on the Internet, which, for all of its benefits, also provides predators unfettered access to our homes and our children.

Bo, being an entrepreneur at heart, has now expanded into the real estate industry. Also in partnership with Steven Witkoff, Bo has an ownership interest is several major buildings located in metropolitan areas around the United States.

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