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5 p.m. ET

So, Arianna's blog isn't the "Ishtar" of the Internet, but the reviews are mixed. I think The Political Teen does a good job of presenting both sides. He refers the reader to Nikki Finke's scathing column, but then also to Outside the Beltway where James Joyner cautions that the jury is still out.

Other news on the blogs today: Right Wing News posted a listing of 25 tips for bloggers. Wow, that got a ton of reaction and mostly positive. He recommends that attractive women post their photos on their blogs to boost traffic. Seems very Fifties of you, Right Wing. Polipundit has a great retort which I'll share on air today.

On the show today, the debate over the filibuster rages on. Both sides are offering compromises, so what's the hold up?

We'll also take a look at the embarrassing exposure of the Spokane mayor's sex life and possible child abuse accusations. That story is generating a big debate over the role the local newspaper played in the sting.

Join us for a great show.

12 p.m. ET

Today's noontime show is chock full o'stories that will grab your attention.

First off, Iran announced yesterday that it will begin enriching uranium sometime this week.  This is an obvious power play, a little flexing of the old diplomatic muscle, to prove that they will not bend in the face of American aggression.  But why?  There happens to be an election coming up there, and a little honkey-tonking will do the ruling class well right now.  Certainly Americans can understand how that works.

The problem isn't really the enriched uranium, but what they'll do with it.  Iran's regime shouldn't have nuclear weapons.  The question is, are we in a position to tell them that?  We'll discuss this today.

And a couple stories to help you keep your kids safer.  First, should there be seatbelts on school buses?  It's actually an interesting debate.  There never have been before, so why start now?

And Ann Scofield from The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children will join us to discuss ways to keep your kids safe in a day and age when it seems really dangerous out there.  Are child abductions on the rise, or just more widely reported nowadays?

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