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What's on the show Tuesday

5 p.m. EST

I am fascinated by conspiracy theories. Give me a good story about the grassy knoll and I'm happy. You can imagine my delight when I read a report yesterday that a former LA prosecutor has come forward claiming to have knowledge of tapes proving Marilyn Monroe was not suicidal at the time of her death. Delicious.

I have seen every made-for-TV movie about Marilyn ever made. Each always has a different twist on the mystery--the mob connection, the Bobby Kennedy connection, the barbiturate enema theory. Sorry for that last one, but that happens to be the leading theory in the "she was murdered" camp.

Today, a look at this new evidence.

We'll also keep you posted on the hunt for an escaped inmate in Tennessee who was freed when his wife allegedly shot and killed a court officer. The two are now on the lamb and the manhunt continues.

And hunting Al Qaeda--on the web. Jihadist websites provide information that helps terrorists. How do we stop them from popping up in the virtually uncontrollable wilderness of the Internet.

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12 p.m. EST

The NASA shuttle Discovery landed this morning with no problems.  All aboard are safe and celebrating a successful mention.  Way to go.

In other news, I was struck by a report this morning in The New York Times stating that four of the 9/11 hijackers were identified as members of an Al Qaeda cell operating here in the United States as early as 2000.

I find this stunning.  In an interview last month on "Meet the Press," Admiral James Loy, former number two at the Department of Homeland Security, was asked whether or not he felt there were sleeper cells in the United States.  His answer, "we cannot afford to presume that there are not."  I think in Washingtonian that translates roughly into "I don't know."

Clearly there are terror cells here.  What are we doing to stop them?

Today, a look at the potential for more terror attacks, ones like the recent bombings in London, right here on American soil.  Are we prepared, and has our intelligence capability grown at all since 9/11?

And later, some school districts around the country are already back in session.  Superintendents argue that the additional month of schooling helps kids prepare for standardized tests so crucial for government funding.  But come on, can't kids just be kids?  We'll talk to parents on both sides of the issue.

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