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War of words heating up in Holloway case

Missing girl's mother and father join forces, upset with local investigators

There is a war of words unraveling in Aruba.  Natalee Holloway's divorced parents who up to now have been proceeding separately, have signed a letter  demanding that Aruba's attorney general pull the team investigating Natalee's disappearance. 

An excerpt from the letter: "It has become increasingly difficult to hold our tongues.  It is our contention that it is in the best interest of everyone concerned to instigate a fresh start in this case.  We respectfully request that Dennis Jacobs, Karin Janssen, and Gerold Dompig be removed from the case."

The letter goes on to say that when Dave Holloway asked the police to begin a search for Natalee two days after she went missing, the detective in charge of the investigation answered,  "No, this happens all the time.  Just go on down to Carlos N' Charlie's and have a beer.  She'll show up sometime.  She probably got drunk or fell in love and ran off with someone for a few days."

They also had strong words for the deputy chief of police, Gerold Dompig, saying: "It is apparent that Dompig wants to incite anti-Beth Twitty feelings among the Aruban populace in a situation where he should be doing the exact opposite and appealing to the Aruban people for leads to solve Natalee's disappearance."

This scathing letter came just a day after 'The Abrams Report' had an exclusive interview with the deputy.  He was on the program Tuesday with some tough words of his own for the family.

--Begin video clip-- GEROLD DOMPIG, ARUBAN DEPUTY POLICE CHIEF:  With all due respect to Mrs. Twitty, she doesn't run the investigation, we do.  And we ask the questions.  If it was the other way around, we could all back up and let the family do the investigation.  --End video clip--

On Wednesday, Dave Holloway, Natalee's father, joined MSNBC's Dan Abrams to discuss the letter.

To read an excerpt of their conversation, continue to the text below. To watch the video, click on the "Launch" button to the right.

DAN ABRAMS: Look, Dave, you have generally been a sort of calmer voice in connection with this investigation, and yet you did sign this scathing letter about the investigative team.  Why?

DAVE HOLLOWAY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY'S FATHER:  Yes we did.  I was one of the last holdouts.  I think Beth had been pushing for this for some time.  And I went back to the island, hoping to make one last push to get everybody together, hold some solid communications and move forward with the case.  And there at the end I thought we were coming close and starting to gel and to move this forward, and suddenly it just fell apart. 

ABRAMS:  But Dave, these are very serious accusations that you all are making in this letter.  Let me read from one of them that apparently was regard to you from a detective handling the case. 

When you went to the police department to report Natalee missing, (you say)  "Dennis Jacobs responded with the following inappropriate question.  How much money do you have?"

HOLLOWAY:  That's correct and there were two witnesses there that can confirm that. 

ABRAMS:  And your understanding was he was effectively saying in order to search for your daughter, that they would have to get paid? 

HOLLOWAY:  Well I don't know what his intentions were, Dan, but he made that comment.  Whether he was making it in jest, or whatever, I don't know, but he did make that comment. 

ABRAMS:  All right.  Now, another issue with regard to Detective Jacobs, and it seems to me that this I know is one of Beth's primary concerns, and I'm wondering if it's yours, as well.

Jacobs continues to theorize that Natalee is still alive, which may explain his lack of diligence in pursuing the suspects who are responsible for Natalee's disappearance.

HOLLOWAY:  That's correct.  When I met with him last week, during our conversation, even though he is a lead investigator, he felt like Natalee was still alive. 

ABRAMS:  He made it clear to you that he thinks Natalee -- the lead investigator made it clear to you that he thinks Natalee Holloway is alive and thereby, I guess, suggesting that what, she ran off? 

HOLLOWAY:  He really didn't comment on it, so I don't know.  He just made that comment, that that was his theory.  There were four theories on the board.  One of them was she ran away, the other is she's alive, the other was that Joran left her at the beach, and the Mountain Brook kids did something with her and the other theory is the most objective and common theory was that they-the three boys had something to do with her disappearance, possibly taking her out in the ocean. 

ABRAMS:  Dave, before I play a piece of sound from the deputy police chief, Gerold Dompig, on this show (Tuesday), let me ask you.  You and your ex-wife Beth have gone about this sort of on two separate routes.  You've gone there at different times.  I've gotten the impression that it's not as if the two of you have been coordinating your efforts. 

You know what the other one is doing, but is this letter, signed by you and your wife and she and her husband, is this sort of the most unified effort that the two of you have made together on this? 

HOLLOWAY:  Yes, it would be.  I was one of the ones who held out, hoping that the police would come together and complete their investigation, and it just finally got to the point where -- you know we've got tunnel vision and a lot of peripheral issues started coming up, and you know why aren't we focusing back on the three suspects?  Why are we talking about issues that don't even involve the case?  And that's where I started getting frustrated and I felt like you know it's time, it's the fourth quarter, and time's almost up.  Why don't we just start all over and start out with a whole new fresh team? 

ABRAMS:  Here's what Gerold Dompig said in an exclusive interview on this program last night. 

--Begin video clip-- DOMPIG:  I think anybody should understand and can understand it.  We have made a lot of efforts to conduct a professional investigation.  And in any case, we have given the family every chance to sit with us and to take their statements.  --End video clip--

ABRAMS:  Do you disagree with that, Dave? 

HOLLOWAY:  Well let's take a pen and pencil and draw a line through it, and you put on one side what the family and the foreigners and people from the U.S. have done, and then you put on the other side what have the police done.  You know we delivered, when we came to the island, we identified the suspects, all three of them, and handed it to them on a silver platter. 

We also identified the witness, who is the gardener.  We also had a person from the U.S. come down and literally almost got a confession out of Deepak.  We found a lot of evidence that they have not used for one reason or the other.  We've done most of all the searches.  And then my question is, is what have the police done?  
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