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OFF TO THE RACES: A bad night for Trump in Colorado

From NBC's Benjy Sarlin in Colorado. " Colorado is not going well for Donald Trump. After a shake-up at the top this week in which Trump empowered Paul Manafort to manage the campaign's troubled delegate operation, Senator Ted Cruz swept a third straight Congressional District convention Thursday night. All three delegates selected were listed on a slate put forward by the Cruz campaign. Trump aides concede that Colorado is not a promising state, but the level of disorganization at Thursday's event suggested problems that ran deeper than the top-line results."

The Washington Post looks at the unbound delegates who could determine whether or not Trump gets the nod.

The New York Times' take on the state of the Democratic race: "A Democratic primary campaign in which both candidates prided themselves on civility and debating the issues, rather than stooping to personal attacks, took a fractious turn on Thursday. After Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont called Hillary Clinton unqualified to be president, Democrats faced the prospect of an increasingly contentious nominating process hurting the party’s ability to unite against Republicans in the fall."

Is the battle hurting Democrats? The Washington Post: "Some Democrats are worried about potentially longer-term fallout of an increasingly personal conflict between Sanders and Clinton. Most of those Democrats are Clinton supporters who view her eventual nomination as inevitable despite the drawn-out nomination battle with Sanders. And most blame him for the ugliness."

CLINTON: Bill Clinton took on protesters in Philadelphia who criticized the 1994 crime bill and Hillary Clinton's 1996 comments about "super-predators."

CRUZ: He's hunting for delegates in New York, a state not built to be promising ground for him.

He's going to campaign in California on Monday, nearly two months before the primary there.

And he's working to build his support in New York's Jewish communities.

His campaign manager argued that Trump should drop out of the race if he doesn't win a majority in New York.

SANDERS: He's hoping to win big in upcoming contests, including in Wyoming this weekend.

The Washington Post editorial board headline: "Mr. Sanders’s shocking ignorance on his core issue"

TRUMP: NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell writes about Corey Lewandowski's long history with the issue of reimbursing localities for security costs incurred by candidate visits.

The Wall Street Journal profiles pastor Mark Burns, one of Trump's most ardent supporters.

His plans for health care have experts scratching their heads, the New York Times writes.

Rudy Giuliani will vote for Trump, the former mayor told the New York Post.

POLITICO takes a look at how Joseph McCarthy adviser Roy Cohn became a mentor to Donald Trump.