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Bag Man Episode 1 Sources

Bibliographic and research material for Episode 1: An Unsettling Secret
Spiro Agnew Archives cart 9
Spiro Agnew Archives cart 9Mike Yarvitz

These are the source references for Episode 1 of Rachel Maddow's Bag Man podcast, which you can listen to here, or through your preferred podcasting service.


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Archival Material:

“My Kind of Man/Ted Agnew Is.” Spiro T. Agnew 1966 Gubernatorial campaign radio ads (courtesy of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library)

NBC News Special Coverage of 1968 Republican National Convention (August 8, 1968)

1968 Hubert Humphrey “Laughter” Campaign Ad (Source: Museum of the Moving Image)

NBC News Coverage of 1968 Presidential Campaign (Courtesy: NBC News Archives)

NBC Nightly News (September 24, 1968)

NBC Nightly News (January 3, 1971)

NBC News Special Report (November 13, 1969); Agnew speech on the media (Transcript)

NBC Nightly News (November 14, 1969)

NBC Nightly News (November 21, 1969)

NBC News Special Report, Senate Watergate Hearings (May 23, 1973)

NBC Nightly News (May 13, 1973)

NBC News Special Report, Vice President Agnew Speech in Los Angeles (September 29, 1973)