Could E! Show Turn This Star into Asia's Kim Kardashian?

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Actress and television host Nur Fazura is already one of Malaysia’s most watched and talked about celebrities. But with a new reality show deal announced recently by E! Network and NBCUniversal International Television, the 31-year-old star may soon become recognizable to television viewers across Asia after her new reality show “Facing Up to Fazura” premieres on E! News Asia.

The series promises exclusive access to the television star and fashionista. The show will also be notable for being the first E! miniseries to star a Malaysian celebrity.

"I never imagined that anyone would be interested to showcase my life, let alone have a whole series planned around me for E! I feel so blessed and humbled at the same time," the star said in a statement. "I have always been a private person so having a reality show does make me a little nervous. I am showing everyone my world and I really hope they enjoy what they see."

Fazura had previously been known for being quite tight-lipped about her private life and frequently refused to comment on her many rumored romances. Since rising to fame in her early 20s she’s also become a tabloid staple and was infamously charged in 2004 with attacking a woman during a bar fight. (The court later ruled she was acting in self-defense.)

Executives at E! say they are excited to bring Fazura’s life story to a wider audience.

“E! combines the best of Hollywood with the breakout stars from Asia and we are excited to build on our commitment to the local entertainment industry and shine the spotlight on this Malaysian artist and bring her to the global stage,” said Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Universal Networks International, Asia-Pacific said in a statement.