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India's Mars Mission Was Cheaper than All These Hollywood Movies

A look at how India's Mars mission budget stacks up against budgets of Hollywood blockbusters about space travel.
Image: Mars picture
An image released by the Indian Space Research Organization shows a full-disk view of Mars as seen by the color camera on the Mars Orbiter Mission spacecraft. ISRO

India made history twice last week with its Mars orbiter, Mangalyaan. First, the Indian Space Research Organisation's spacecraft arrived safely in Mars' orbit on Wednesday, making India the first nation to reach the red planet's orbit on their first try.

Then — and this might be even more impressive — India set the record for the cheapest-ever mission to Mars. It cost a total of $74 million, only 11 percent of the bill for NASA's most recent Mars mission.

The chart below shows just how cheap we're talking.

How cheap was India's Mars mission?
India's budget for Mars mission was smaller than the movie budgets for "Guardians of the Galaxy,""Armageddon," and "Gravity."Simran Khosla, GlobalPost