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North Korean Recipe Website For "Housewives' Convenience"

A North Korean website surfaced this week featuring recipes for "housewives' convenience."

Have you ever wondered how to make some North Korean delicacies from the comfort of your own kitchen?

Thanks to a website by the Korean Association of Cooks, there’s no reason to wonder any more. Visitors to the site, simply titled “Korean Dishes,” can now browse through dozens of recipes that are designed for "housewives' convenience."

"The homepage contains multimedia on national and foreign dishes," reports the North Korean state-run news agency, KCNA. "Through homepage visitors can exchange their knowledge and views with each other and acquire a wide-ranging cooking.”

The Guardian notes that many of the recipes include meat or fish, two ingredients unavailable for millions of North Koreans. The World Food program reported last year that mothers and children in the country lacked sufficient amounts of vitamins, fat and protein in their diets, leading many children to suffer from stunted growth.

Many Western media outlets are assuming that the site was originally designed for the country’s Kwangmyong intranet system, an online network that only works within North Korea to give users access to a carefully selected array of news and information.

The blog North Korea Tech first noticed that the site was accessible on the Internet earlier this week, though the KCNA first reported on the launch of the site in 2012, describing it as “as a close companion for cooks and housewives.”