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Since 1996, photographer Ryuji "Charlie" Furusho has traveled to over 100 countries for work. For the last ten years, he worked for a monthly aviation magazine in Japan.

"Mainly I work with different airline companies, taking pictures of the airplanes," said Furusho.

Furusho realized he was flying a new airline every month and started to keep track of his travel -- flying on large carriers like United, Delta, Korean Air, and Japan Airlines, and smaller carriers like Era Alaska and Winair.

He looked up the previous world record -- 108 different airlines -- and realized he was on track to beat it.

In January, he says he submitted boarding passes as evidence for the 182 airlines he'd flown in his career. The Guinness World Records judges lowered the final tally to 156, counting group airlines as one entity and excluding chartered flights.

Furusho says his accomplishment was merely, "a result of doing the same thing for a very long time."