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Twins, Artists Share How Faith Has Shaped Their Work and Life Stories

Teresa and Jenyi Lee discuss their different perspectives on Catholicism and the church, but how faith has played an important role for them both.

"Last year, Jen and I lost our little brother, and that was a very hard time for us. But I think that both of us used our art afterwards to kind of get back on our feet 'cause it's sort of this unimaginable thing, neither of us saw it coming. So I believe that there's always a way to go on even when things get really bad, even when it's the end, you know? The world ends tomorrow and one person is left alive, and that person's you. Could you go on? Yeah, I think so. I believe that there's always something to go on." -Teresa Lee

"I don't want to believe that there's nothing, that there's no hope, because then that's even more sad. It's even more sad to believe that there's bad things and there's no one there. I think it's nice to think that there's hope. I think that's the main thing that I was drawn to [about the church]." -Jenyi Lee

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