German Motorist ‘Catapulted’ Into Second Floor of Building

On Saturday afternoon against 17.20 clock a 79 -year-old Mercedes - Lenkerin sailed the L1141 from Markgröningen according Unterriexingen . For some unknown reason they came to the right off the road and drove several hundred meters above fields and ditches before schanzte an approximately three meter wide and nearly ten meters deep moat and finally broke through the outer wall of a local company. The car remained in the wall about three meters in height stuck . In order to recover the slightly injured lady from the vehicle , moved the fire Markgröningen with six vehicles and a total of 33 task forces . The salvage of the vehicle lasts until to 21 clock . In the company property damage amounting to approximately EUR 50,000 and the Mercedes of about 15,000 euros arose . Frank Herlinger /

In a unique parking feat, a 79-year-old motorist escaped unscathed after catapulting her Mercedes through the air and landing in the second floor of German storage depot.

“It is believed that the elderly lady fell into a microsleep for a few seconds and came off the steep road with her car,” police spokeswoman Yvonne Schächtele told NBC News.

After driving across a field, the vehicle was “catapulted upwards by a ditch” and she landed around 10 feet off the ground on the upstairs floor of the logistical firm near Markgroeningen, Germany.

The local fire department deployed six vehicles and 33 rescue workers to the crash site and had to use a crane to lift the vehicle from its unusual parking space.

Total damage was estimated to be more than $60,000.