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Census: Economic Divide Seen Within Latino Community

The economic divide seen in the general population occurs within the Latino and other racial and ethnic communities.
Image: Fast Food Workers Rally At Chicago McDonald's To Raise Minimum Wage
File footage of fast food workers and activists demonstrating outside McDonald's downtown flagship restaurant on July 31, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. Scott Olson / Getty Images

The economic divide that is being seen across the general population is happening within the Hispanic community and other racial and ethnic groups, a newly released Census report shows.

The overall median net worth of Latinos fell by $5,576 or 42 percent between 2000 and 2011. But those losses were for the bottom three-fifths of the Latino population. The top fifth, or quintile, saw its median net worth increase by $38,062, or 17.9 percent, and the second highest quintile saw no significant change over that period, Census reported.

During those same years, the overall median net worth for whites rose $3,730 or 3.5 percent, but increases occurred only in the top three-fifths. Median net worth fell for the bottom two-fifths.

Blacks overall saw their median net worth decrease by $3,746 or 37.2 percent.

Household net worth is an indicator of economic well-being. By dividing households into fifths or quintiles, Census showed the wide variation in what households experienced based on where they fall on the income scale.


--Suzanne Gamboa