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Elian Gonzalez Says He Would Like To Visit U.S.

Remember Elian Gonzalez? His international custody fight was played out in front of tv cameras around the world, but now, the Cuban 21-year-old industrial engineering student would like to return to the U.S. for a visit.

In an interview with ABC News, Gonzalez said he would not mind coming back to "give my love to the American people" and see a baseball game.

Elian was almost 6 when he and his mother were among those who made the treacherous trek to leave Cuba for Florida. His mother didn't survive, she drowned and he was found holding on to an inner tube.

His father in Cuba wanted him back, but his Miami relatives fought to keep him in the U.S. The Clinton administration sided with his father and he was sent back in a highly publicized amid the glare of the media.

Gonzalez told ABC he had no regrets about his father's decision to remain in Cuba, and Gonzalez says he's not angry with his Miami family and is open to reconciliation.


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