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By Brian Latimer

Argentinian rocker and drummer Andrea Alvarez and her band are nominated for Best Rock Album as part of the upcoming 17th annual Latin Grammy awards for her most recent project "Y Lo Dejamos Venir."

Alvarez began her rock 'n' roll career in 1978 at a time when the prospect of a female rocker was a strange concept for Argentinian audiences. "Rock Nacional" was a men's world, and Alvarez said despite that, her parents, who were huge music fans, supported her career and reinforced her strength and confidence.

The rocker grew up middle class in Buenos Aires, Argentina — her mother was a teacher and her father a salesman. She still lives in the home her family built 60 years ago and lives by the lessons her parents instilled on her and her brother.

Argentine rocker and percussionist Andrea Alvarez (center) and her band.Phoebe Smolin

"They stressed the importance of honesty before anything, and commitment to my goals," Alvarez said. "They taught me to never abandon anything, to keep fighting. Discipline, to enjoy the process of learning. Curiosity, always wanting to know more. Love, for culture in general."

"Argentina has a history of more than 50 years of rock en español," she explained. "Within that history is 'rock nacional' which includes many styles, one of which is 'real' rock. That 'real' rock is not just a local phenomenon, but a sound that you'll hear globally — as long as it's rock, you'll find me there."

At 5 years old Alvarez began playing flute and clarinet, but at 15 she found that drums and singing her were main calling. The percussionist has incorporated piano, guitar and singing harmony as her career has progressed.

Alvarez has produced five albums and EPs: “Andrea Alvarez” in 2001, “Entre Caníbales” in 2003, “Dormís?” in 2006, “Doble A” in 2008 and, her newest, "Y Lo Dejamos Venir" in 2015.

"I would like to be viewed as a rock artist and that my message transcends the language," said Alvarez. "When it comes down to it, that message is found any many parts of the music, such as the attitude and the general stance."

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