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By Stephen Pérez-Nuño

PHILADELPHIA — A poll of Latino registered voters in battleground states finds strong support for more liberal policies that align with the Democratic party platform. Moreover, almost 8-in-10 ten voters had an "unfavorable" view of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The findings were presented at a panel discussion at the Democratic National Convention. The poll was commissioned by the Latino Victory Project, which seeks to put more Hispanics in elected positions and was conducted by firm Latino Decisions.

According to Latino Decisions political scientist Sylvia Manzano, 68 percent of registered Latino voters agreed with the statement that laws should not interfere with women’s access to reproductive rights, including legal abortion. This finding is in contrast to a common argument that Catholicism makes Latinos more likely to be social conservatives and thus more likely to agree with Republican Party policies.

Almost 6-in-10 said the Affordable Care Act was working and should stay in place. On the environment, only 16 percent said that policies to protect the environment hurt business and that there isn't enough evidence that climate change or global warming are real. In contrast, 80 percent agreed Congress should address climate change through clean energy technology and jobs.

On guns, 95 percent support background checks and 67 percent support a ban on assault weapons sales. When asked if Congress should not consider new gun laws, 58 percent disagree and 40 percent agree.

On immigration, only 13 percent thought immigrants who are undocumented should be deported; as Donald Trump has espoused.

The poll found that Clinton has a 62 percent favorability and 36 percent unfavorability, compared to Trump's 20 percent (favorability) and 78 percent (unfavorability).

Fifty six percent of Latinos say they are certain they are voting for Hillary and 15 percent lean toward the Democratic candidate; only 16 percent of Latinos say they are certain they are voting for Trump and 8 percent are leaning toward the Republican candidate.

The poll was conducted in July 18th through the 22nd and interviewed 800 Latinos in key states such as Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Iowa, among others.

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