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BLKWRAP: A TIDAL Wave of Cuteness and Controversy

This weeks' wrap up in pop culture, politics, and the black twitterverse.

I am what many would refer to as a fair weather sports fan. I like big tournaments, the World Cup, the Olympics, etc. I’m not really the ride or die type of fan, which makes it unlikely that I would watch a post-game press conference—unless it involved the most adorable little girl being cute and two years old.

NBA player Stephen Curry’s post-game spotlight was stolen after his team, the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets, by his two-year-old daughter Riley, who couldn’t care one bit that her daddy just won a big game, but instead just wanted to sit on his lap.

Warning this video may cause cuteness overload:

Follow Friday... While his record of accomplishments may include health care and killing Osama Bin Laden, breaking a Twitter record for amassing one million followers in 5 hours, may be President Obama’s crowning jewel. Oh and his Twitter exchange with President Bill Clinton may just go down as the greatest of all time.

#DontTrollMeBro: Unfortunately haters and trolls emerged and came for @POTUS with a quickness, harassing the account with racist, hate-filled posts and replies. The NYT detailed the trolling: "One person posted a doctored image of Mr. Obama’s famous campaign poster... Instead of the word “HOPE” in capital letters as it appeared on the campaign poster, the doctored image had the words “ROPE.” #ShakingOurHeads

Pop Off of the Week: Jay-Z (TIDAL) vs. YouTube and Spotify. In a performance for his B-Sides concert in NYC, the Business Man did a little freestyle and took the competitors of TIDAL, his new online music source, to task for stealing from artists and only giving them a tenth of what they are owed. In the lyrical diss Jay-Z challenges and chastises his dissenters for glamorizing Apple and others while taking him to task on his latest endeavor.

Beware his lyrics are for mature audiences:

Poliwood Round-Up: Trending Topics in the #BlackTwitterverse This Week

Trend of the Week: #MalcolmXDay

May 19, 2015 would have been Malcolm X’s 90th birthday. In tribute to his outspoken leadership many took to Twitter to celebrate him—having the American icons name trending. Many of his quotes are unfortunately still relevant today, namely this one:

The media is the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. –Malcolm X

THREE: Stop the World

Queen Bey and Queen Barb aka Nikki Minaj dropped the video for their second collaboration, “Feeling Myself” on TIDAL this week. It didn’t take long for the video to blow up the Internet. It’s colorful scenery is the official kick-off to summer with its girl power fun and carefree black girl fabulousness. Of course you can only view the video on TIDAL, but still photos of the video are just as good. Ok, maybe not but it’s what we have now that all pirated videos have been removed.

TWO: LA Gets a Raise

In a huge win for labor unions and workers, the city of LA voted to raise their minimum wage from $9/hr to $15/hr by 2020. Currently, half of the city’s workers make less than $15 an hour. In a vote of 14-1 the City Council of America’s second largest city just made history. While expenses have grown tremendously over the years, wages have barely moved an inch since the 1960s.

According to various reports there is nowhere in the country that people can live at the current federal minimum wage of $7.25. Even in one of the poorest counties in the nation, located in South Dakota you need to make at least $10.20 an hour to live there. LA’s raise will hopefully be the spark other cities need to help workers make a living wage.


Michelle Obama may be the best First Lady this country has ever seen. Not only is she dropping serious knowledge on recent graduates and giving us “real talk” regarding race—she is doing her best to get us all healthy. In celebration of her initiative Let’s Move’s fifth year, FLOTUS has rolled out #GimmeFive in attempt to get others to share their workouts and healthy lifestyles. Well, yesterday FLOTUS showed us all how it’s done, and reminded us why President Obama refers to her as the family’s rock. Check out her killer moves.