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Colorado Lawsuit Alleges Cannabis Overdose From Fairground Candy

The fair said in its promotional advertising that no marijuana would be allowed on the grounds.
/ Source: Reuters

DENVER — A Colorado man overdosed on the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana after eating chocolate bars obtained from a fairground vendor promoting the drug but whose products should have been cannabis-free, court documents showed. This year's Denver County Fair, which was held August 1-3 in the state, capital, included exhibitors selling marijuana-themed merchandise and other products at a "Pot Pavilion," where Jordan Coombs said he was given the confections.

In a negligence lawsuit filed in state court on Thursday, Coombs said he was hospitalized after ingesting the chocolate, which was handed out by staff at an exhibition booth for LivWell, a Denver-based marijuana retailer. Coombs said he "projectile vomited" in his car and that emergency room physicians diagnosed him "as overdosing on THC," the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, the lawsuit said. LivWell did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The fair said in its promotional advertising that no actual marijuana would be allowed on the grounds, the lawsuit said. "During our event we had a very strict policy that all of our vendors agree to, banning all marijuana ... products from the fair," Denver County Fair officials said in a statement.



— Reuters