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Dramatic video shows SWAT team rescue woman in downtown L.A. hostage situation

The suspect, Rudy Anderson, was fatally shot by officers after they broke into the woman's apartment.

Dramatic video shows the moment SWAT team members stormed into a Los Angeles apartment and fatally shot a man holding a woman hostage.

The video was released by the Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday as officials continue an investigation into the Oct. 8 shooting of Rudy Anderson. The hostage was rescued and was not injured during the incident.

Surveillance video shows Anderson, who appears to be carrying a gun, entering the apartment building followed closely by police. Capt. Stacy Spell, an LAPD spokesman, said in a YouTube video that Anderson entered a woman's apartment, took her hostage at gunpoint and created "a barricaded situation."

"During the standoff, Anderson moved the hostage to a window overlooking the street and was observed pointing a handgun at her head," Spell said. "SWAT officers immediately forced entry into the apartment and an officer-involved shooting occurred."

Cellphone footage filmed in a building across the street shows Anderson appearing to hold the woman in front of a window. People on the street below are heard screaming.

Anderson appears to let go of the woman and pace around her apartment. Several bangs are heard in the video and Anderson appears to grab the woman again.

Another bang is heard followed by several officers storming into the apartment, the video shows. Shortly after officers enter the apartment, gunshots ring out.

The incident was also captured on police body-camera video. One clip released by the LAPD shows the hostage crawling away from Anderson after SWAT team members break through the door.

Spell said Anderson, 45, of Los Angeles, died at the scene.

The department released the footage so the public has "a better understanding of what occurred," according to Spell.

Prior to taking the woman hostage, Anderson had allegedly shot a teenage boy, attempted to carjack a woman and tried to steal a bicycle.

Spell said around 3:45 p.m. on Oct. 8, Anderson placed a gun to a victim's head and pulled the trigger but the gun did not fire. Anderson fled on foot and attempted to carjack a woman a few blocks away.

"During this incident, Anderson approached a woman who was seated in her car, brandished a handgun and attempted to gain entry. However, the victim was able to lock her door and Anderson fled the location," Spell said.

A few minutes later, Anderson allegedly shot and injured a 14-year-old boy, according to Spell. Anderson also shot at the boy's uncle and mother but missed, the spokesman said.

Anderson fled on foot and tried to steal another victim's bicycle.

"Anderson forcibly pushed the victim off a bicycle in an attempt to take it from the victim. Anderson brandished a handgun but ultimately fled the location without the bicycle," Spell said.

By that point, multiple 911 calls had been made. Responding officers were flagged down and directed to Anderson, who was still in the area. He ran into the apartment building after spotting the officers, Spell said.