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Employees at Indiana pizzeria get 100 percent of Christmas Day profits

Seven employees who volunteered to work at Rockstar Pizza on Christmas made more than $700 each.

An Indiana pizzeria served up a lot more than tasty pies for the holiday season.

Rockstar Pizza in Brownsburg gave 100 percent of the profits made Christmas Day to employees who volunteered to come in for work. Rob Notter, a manager, told NBC News that seven workers volunteered to spend part of the holiday at the store and they each went home with more than $700.

The tradition began roughly five years ago as a way to thank employees for their hard work, he said.

"Back then the business wasn't doing as well and the employees that we had, the bosses couldn't afford to pay them what they deserve, and it initially started out to show them what they were worth," Notter said.

The store, located about 20 miles northwest of Indianapolis, was initially going to be open just a few hours from 4 to 9 p.m. on Christmas for carry-out orders but had to close early after a flood of calls came in.

In a Facebook post shortly before 6:30 p.m., the pizzeria announced that it was closing its doors because employees were swamped.

"Those who worked loved it because the more busy we are the more money they make," Notter told NBC.

Because of all the support from the local community who placed orders, this year's sales were the highest they have ever been.

"I can't properly convey the gratitude our employees, or we, feel. We are so thankful for the love & support you showed our employees," the shop posted on Facebook. "We look forward to serving you next Christmas."