Iconic NY Reporter’s Front Row Seat When Beatles Made History

The Beatles face the media, including NBC New York's Gabe Pressman, center left, just above the microphones, upon their arrival at JFK airport in New York City on Feb. 7, 1964. Charles Tasnadi / AP file

New York reporter Gabe Pressman witnessed a lot in his more than 60 years of television broadcasting, but the photographic evidence that he had a front row seat to history was most dramatically captured when the Beatles arrived for their first trip to the U.S. in 1964.

Gazing up at the four shaggy-haired British lads, just above the microphones, Pressman stands out from the crowd of reporters. "Though few of us thought it at the time, we were witnessing the birth of an era," said Pressman in 2014. The Beatles were greeted by a screaming crowd estimated at 5,000.

Pressman died Friday at the age of 93.

See more photos from Pressman's legendary career in NBC New York's gallery.

Image: Gabe Pressman
Pressman, pictured here at NBC News in New York City in 1956, is credited with being the first television reporter in New York. NBC
New York mayoral candidate Mario Cuomo, running for the Liberal Party, second from right, speaks during a televised debate moderated by Gabe Pressman on Nov. 8, 1977. From left, Democratic candidate Ed Koch, Conservative candidate Barry Farber, Pressman, Cuomo, and Republican candidate Roy Goodman. Ron Frehm / AP file
First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, right, fields questions from Gabe Pressman, left, in Queens in 1999. Ed Bailey / AP file

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