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Two men in custody for questioning in Nashville murders in custody

"I think it's just unbelievable that someone can do this to her to or anyone for that matter," Jamie Sarrantonio's sister Jolie said.
Lacory Lytle and Demontrey Logsdon
Lacory Lytle and Demontrey LogsdonMetro Nashville PD / Metro Nashville PD

Two people wanted for questioning in connection with three murders in Nashville, Tenn., last week were in taken into custody on Monday, authorities said.

Metro Nashville Police Department identified the men as Demontrey Lodgson, 20, and Lacory Lytle, 24.

In a statement, the department said detectives investigating the murders of Bartley Teal, Jaime Sarrantonio and Kendall Rice wanted to talk to Lodgson and Lytle because of "certain surveillance images, recovered physical evidence and observations by MNPD officers."

Initially, Lodgson was taken into custody alone on Monday afternoon while Lytle was still considered to be at large, but shortly after, Lytle, too, was arrested.

Lodgson was arrested by the MNPD Gang Unit and deputy U.S. Marshals at a home, according to a release by the MNPD. Lytle was arrested after walking into the East Precinct, according to the release.

Lytle has been charged with felony identity theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, and theft for using a credit card from a woman who was robbed with Teal and Sarrantonio prior to the shooting. Lytle allegedly used the card at a grocery store.

Police said a third person, Horace Palmer Williamson III, 27, was charged with an Aug. 12 carjacking that may be connected to the other crimes. Williamson was taken into custody on Friday in relation to a kidnapping case, MNPD tweeted.

Logsdon had an outstanding warrant charging him with aggravated kidnapping after he allegedly accompanied Williamson as he forced his girlfriend to go with him at gunpoint, according to the release. It is unclear where Williamson was forcing his girlfriend to go.

Horace Palmer Williamson III, in custody.Metro Nashville PD / Metro Nashville PD

Teal and Sarrantonio were shot to death outside a bar early Friday morning. Rice was killed while walking to a bus stop on Tuesday.

Authorities believe the murders may be connected to several other attempted robberies.

Jolie Sarrantonio told NBC News on Monday evening that her big sister Jamie Sarrantonio 's death still felt unreal.

"It's still just like an unbelievable nightmare that won't go away, and, you know, just kind of want to keep waking up and thinking she's going to be there," she said.

But she said she was confident that police in Nashville would bring her sister's killers to justice.

"I think it's just unbelievable that someone can do this to her to or anyone for that matter, that they can just take someone's life like that," Jolie Sarrantonio said.

Jolie Sarrantonio said her family planned to travel to Nashville on Tuesday to celebrate her sister's life with her friends there.