Hog Ten: Meet Hawaii’s Surfing Pig

Yes, that's a pig on a surfboard.

Sandy Beach, Hawaii, known as a personal favorite of Oahu-born U.S. President Barack Obama, is also gaining notoriety for a unique celebrity. Kama the Pig, the official mascot of Sandy Beach, is making headlines with this new GoPro that shows him surfing the famous Hawaiian waves. Kama, who wandered into the lives of owner Kai Holt and his family while on a camping trip at Bellows Beach on Oahu, was embraced by the family and taken into their home. One day, as the story goes, he fell into the swimming pool and started swimming. Kai naturally then decided to take Kama surfing with him, and now there are videos like this. According to Kai, Kama favors “3-4 foot Hawaiian waves” and is a favorite on Sandy Beach.

— Lou Dubois