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Broken Fighter Jet Stops Traffic on German Autobahn

A broken German fighter jet on its way for repairs held up traffic on the nation's high-speed Autobahn on Thursday.
A Eurofighter travels on the Autobahn 9 near Bad Lobenstein, Germany, on Thursday.DANIEL KARMANN / AFP - Getty Images

MAINZ, Germany — The usual rush-hour traffic congestion on Germany’s high-speed Autobahn was not caused by an accident or a construction site on Thursday.

Commuters were stunned to be stuck behind a broken supersonic fighter jet as it made on its way to get repaired at an uncharacteristically slow 40 miles per hour on the highway between Berlin and Munich.

“It was not possible for vehicles to pass the transport with the Eurofighter plane,” a spokesperson for Bavarian police told NBC News.

A Eurofighter is transported on Autobahn 9 near Bad Lobenstein, Germany, on Thursday.BODO SCHACKOW / EPA

The military aircraft was “damaged in a collision with a Learjet during a maneuver in June 2014,” Florian Taitsch, a spokesman for manufacturer Airbus told NBC News from Munich.

The Learjet's two pilots died in the crash.