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Foursquare adds 'Lists' to track your favorite locales


Foursquare has started a "Lists" feature to let users of the location-based social networking service keep track of places they want to visit in the future, or places they have visited, or "checked into," as Foursquare calls it.

"Putting together lists has always been pretty annoying. How do you share? How do you coordinate? How do you keep it updated? We looked at all these problems and made something that is super easy to use," Foursquare said on its blog:

  • On your profile page, we’ve already come up with list ideas from your check-ins, like your favorite Italian restaurants or the best live music venues. You can use those as a starting point.
  • We also made it really fast to build (a list) from scratch — we auto-complete places as you type, and we suggest related places for you, using the same magic that goes into our Explore algorithm.

The idea is to share the lists you create with your friends. "Want to plan a trip to Paris? Create a blank list and share it with your friends who know the city best. They can load it up with all their best suggestions."

The Lists idea is not original. As GigaOm notes, the Lists feature "is similar to Yelp’s lists, which allows users to collate reviews of places they’ve been or services they’ve experienced. But it bears mentioning that the imitation goes both ways: Last year, Yelp launched the ability to check-in to places using the site, essentially copying Foursquare’s signature check-in feature."

— Via Business Insider

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