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How to wake up your kid, first-person-shooter style

So you think you can tell your dadYouTube

Children of gamer parents be warned: You do not want to cross us.

For a look at precisely why we are not to be defied, see the below video for one gamer dad's creative solution for waking a sleepy, rebellious child. It's called the first-person-shooter alarm clock.

"My son decided that he wanted to sleep in till 9:30 a.m," explained the dad's post on YouTube. "When I asked him to get out of bed he told me, 'no.' No one tells me 'no' especially when they are four years old."

And so Dad busted out the Super Soaker Thunderstorm, the first-person perspective and the theme song to "Doom." Problem solved.

Though I appreciate the creative parenting, as the mother of a 4-year-old myself, I have one important question: What kind of twisted parent doesn't want their kid to KEEP SLEEPING?! Is there a Super Soaker that makes them go back to sleep? That's what I want to get my hands on.

(Thanks to Gizmodo for the heads up.)

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