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For Hurricane Irene, Newark mayor Cory Booker has your back

Anyone familiar Newark mayor Cory Booker's obsessive mission to boost his city won't be surprised to learn that as Hurricane Irene bore down on New Jersey, it didn't slow him down. He spent Saturday going door to door in evacuation zones to make sure everyone gets out, tweeting all the way. If you're unschooled on the awesomeness of the man known as "America's Best Mayor," follow along on  Cory Booker's Twitter feed:

 Mayor Cory Booker will  check on you personally

 Mayor Cory Booker has the phone numbers you need  

Mayor Cory Booker delivers

Mayor Cory Booker sees your point

Mayor Cory Booker speaks your language

Mayor Cory Booker does not sleep 

Mayor Cory Booker gets your "Lord of the Rings" reference

Mayor Cory Booker thinks you're awesome, too

More on Hurricane Irene:

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