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Israeli Ex-President Shimon Peres Tests New Jobs in Spoof Video for Peace

Israel's former president Shimon Peres feigns looking for a job in a tongue-in-cheek new video aimed at promoting his hopes for peace and future prosperity.

TEL AVIV, Israel -- It seems that at 91 years old — and after seven decades of public service — recently retired Israeli President Shimon Peres isn't content resting on his laurels. A new tongue-in-cheek video has been released showing the politician as he's never been seen before — working as a gas station attendant, a pizza delivery man and grocery store cashier, among other roles. Throughout the 4 minute 45 second broadcast, Peres also shares his hopes for peace, positive leadership and science and technology advances.

The video was reportedly produced by Peres' granddaughter, screenwriter Mika Almog, and promotes the Peres Center for Peace. It begins with Peres packing up his presidential office and heading to the unemployment center, where he is told he has no relevant skills. He then tries random jobs — all while onpassing pearls of wisdom to anyone who will listen. "The intellect is our finest weapon," he says while working as a security guard. The video ends with Peres — who left office in July — acting as a skydiving instructor and telling a student perplexed by their barren landing spot that "when there's nothing, you can do anything."

- Paul Goldman and Christina Boyle