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Mark Zuckerberg still kills, won't talk about it

As Buzzfeed's guide to
As Buzzfeed's guide tovia BuzzFeed

With three months left on Mark Zuckerberg's latest annual challenge — to eat only meat that he kills — word in the Valley has it that the Facebook CEO is no longer content slaughtering chickens, pigs and goats. Zuckerberg has a hunting license, according to insiders. What's more, he's used it to take out a bison (which he most likely ate).


Comments — or even confirmation — of the latest in Zuck's blood lust are not to be had, however. It seems he and his media handlers learned an important lesson last summer after Zuckerberg emailed Fortune a detailed account of his latest personal challenge: Nothing ingratiates 20-something billionaires to the masses like self-righteous bloviating about one's new-found dietary practices ... and animal slaughter! (Seriously, nothing.)

Learning from "people close to him," that Zuckerberg acquired "a hunting license and recently shot and killed a bison," CNNMoney reached out to the formerly friendly Zuckerberg, and got nothing. However, an astute observation during Zuckerberg's presentation last week at the f8 developer conference seemed to back up the story.

"As he gave his keynote speech, Zuckerberg's Facebook page loomed on a big screen behind him," reports CNNMoney's Patricia Sellers. "On the left side of the page: a photo of a juicy-looking sandwich and two words: 'Bison Burgers.'"

Since his journey began, "I'm eating a lot healthier foods. And I've learned a lot about sustainable farming and raising of animals," Zuckerberg told Fortune in May. "It's easy to take the food we eat for granted when we can eat good things every day," Zuck added, speaking to a food-procuring method unfeasible only to those who can't afford boutique butcher facilities.

As we wrote in May, personal challenges — such as Killing Things 2011 — are something Zuckerberg says he's done every year in recent memory.  Last year he took up Chinese. In 2009, he wore a tie everyday. In 2012, he hunts man.

OK, back then, we were just speculating. Recently however, Gawker's Ryan Tate predicted that Zuckerberg may not wait until the new year to take up "The Most Dangerous Game."

"Zuckerberg's kill crazy meat rampage is supposed to run through the end of the year, and the guy has millions of home addresses in his Rolodex," Tate points out now.  "Lock your doors, is all we're saying."

Should Zuckerberg indeed take on long pig, either this year or next, just remember... FIRST!!!1!

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