Newt Beaut: Prague Zoo Claims to Have the Longest Salamander on Earth

PRAGUE — Prague Zoo says it likely has the longest Chinese giant salamander now on Earth.

The critically endangered animal is also the largest amphibian on the planet.

In a statement Sunday, the zoo in the Czech Republic said that Karlo, a Chinese giant salamander it received 19 months ago from the State Museum of Natural History in Karlsruhe, Germany, is likely the biggest representative of its species. The zoo says, according to the latest measurements done Friday, that Karlo is 5 feet, 2 and 3/16 inches long.

Karlo is estimated to be 37 to 38 years old and weighs 7 pounds.

The largest salamander ever on record was 5 feet, 11 inches long.

The zoo says its worldwide check didn't reveal any longer living salamander.