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Obama joins Foursquare, isn't even mayor of Oval Office

Poor President Obama. He recently joined location-based social networking service Foursquare and had to face a sad truth: He's not the mayor — the person who has checked into a location the most times — of the White House. Or even of the Oval Office.

In Obama's defense, it's not really his fault that he hasn't been crowned the ruler of these — or any other — locations. Not only is he brand new to Foursquare, but the account set up for him doesn't even enable him to become a mayor — or to properly check into any places.

You see, Obama's travels aren't logged by regular check-ins, but by "tips" posted to the Foursquare page created for and by the White House:


At least that's a solid excuse for Obama's lack of a Foursquare mayorship, right?

Oh, and in case you're wondering: The folks who've managed to check into the White House and the Oval Office the most times in the last 60-day period — and thereby become mayors of those locations — are Aya M. and Chris C., respectively.


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