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The 'Portal' movie we'd pay to see

Proof that a
Proof that aDan Trachtenberg

I'm torn. Part of me would love to see the game "Portal" adapted into a movie. And, of course, part of me thinks that's the worst idea ever.

After all, the general rule is: movies based on video games suck. And none of us "Portal" fans want to see our favorite game turned into a sucky movie.

And yet, one "Portal" fan film has given me hope for "Portal: The Movie" possibilities.

Dan Trachtenberg — director, host of the video podcast "The Totally Rad Show" and "Portal" lover — gives us "Portal: No Escape." This very well-executed, 7-minute short does an excellent job of capturing the darker side of the "Portal" games and presents us with a look at just how cool some silver-screen Portal-powered action sequences might go. Here, see for yourself:

And two thumbs up to badass actress Danielle Rayne (previously seen on, no kidding, "All My Children") who looks very much like I imagine Chell would look (though, admittedly, it's not clear if this is supposed to be Chell). Still, check out Rayne's guns! I was reminded of Sarah Connor's transformation in "Terminator 2."

Yes, the acid-tongued humor of the killer AI GLaDOS is missing; still this short has given me faith. "Portal: The Movie" really could be worth a trip to the theater.

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