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Twitter rewrites history for first (really boring) ad

Know what'd make a better Twitter promotional ad?  A head or a dog or a rat or a cow or a clump of mud or a piece of string.

Hey, we’re all for the jocularity that follows a quick reminder that Nature can kick your insignificant butt anytime — you know, the kind that clogged up Twitter Aug. 23, right after a mild earthquake in Virginia moved through Washington D.C., New York City and as far south as Chapel Hill, N.C. But the tardiness of this topic seems counterproductive to the message of Twitter's immediacy it's attempting to send.

Twitter credits @JordnJnkieJuice with the first #earthquake tweet to hit the Big Apple just ahead of the tremors, using that fact in its first commercia after the jokes stopped being funny.

Our biggest beef isn’t the ho-hum tedium, and we appreciate its star, Twitter software engineer Danny Hertz, is reading an actual old-timey corporeal book. It's just not historically accurate. Based on this commercial, you'd think buildings were swaying in Manhattan. What really happened on Aug. 23? Here’s a transcript from the offices of 30 Rock revealing what actually went down in New York City:

Jane Weaver (Health Editor, Did the lights just shake?

Helen A.S. Popkin (Tech & Science Editor,

Two minutes later.

Jane: I told you the lights were shaking!


But then, that’s not a very good promotional ad, either.

via Gawker

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