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U.S. Tourists Saved From Broken Cable Car in Cologne, Germany

Six cable car riders were stuck high in the air and had to be lowered to safety in Cologne, Germany, after the cable cars they were in broke down.

MAINZ, Germany — A young family of four and two American tourists had to be lowered to safety late Tuesday after they became stuck on a cable car ride over the river Rhine in Cologne, Germany. Dylan Petraitis, who according to his Facebook profile lives in Charleston, South Carolina, posted video of his friend Ty Bender, from Blacksburg, Virginia, being rescued from their stranded car over the banks of the river. He wrote: "Tyler and I being rescued from our cable car in Cologne, Germany. Best 4.50 euro ($5.70) ever spent."

Fire department spokesman Marc David said the two Americans were very relaxed after their rescue. "They're already continuing their trip and have traveled to Berlin," he said.

Firefighters also rescued a couple and their children, aged two and three months, who were lowered onto a boat after getting stuck for about four hours above the water in high winds. The cause of the incident was under investigation Wednesday, officials said.

Petraitis vowed that Tuesday's ride would be his last. "Ty Bender and I have made a pact never to ride a cable car again,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

- Carlo Angerer