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Use your real name on Google+ or get minused fast

OK, Google's done foolin' around with you folks who don't want to use your real name on Google+. From here on out, if Google learns the name you're using is not your real name, you've got four days to make amends. After that — you're kicked off of Google+. That's how the hottest new social networking site rolls.

A not-very-happy looking Saurabh Sharma, product manager on the Google+ team, made the announcement late Thursday in a video shared on YouTube (above) and on Google+. He must have sensed how well this was going to go over with users.

It was presented as an "update to how we handle potential violations of our common name policy."

One of the things we strive for on Google+ is to make connecting with people on the web more like connecting with people in the real world. So as part of this effort, we’ve asked that those signing up for the service use the name they commonly go by in the real world.

In the past, when we found a profile that was not in line with our Names Policy ... we used to suspend the profile and then let the user appeal.

No more appeals. Effective immediately, "if we find that your profile name does not adhere to our policy, we’ll give you a 4-day grace period to fix your profile name before we take further action." Taking action means your account gets dumped. But you will be allowed to "take all your content with you, even after your profile is suspended. Visit Google Takeout for more details."

Angry comments poured in in response o Sharma's posting and on YouTube (which Google also owns):

"I will be removing Google+ from my online activities. There are many reasons for the use of pseudonyms, including personal safety. For years, we have instructed children and others to not use their "real names" online for privacy and safety concerns. Now Google, in its INFINITE UNwisdom decrees that only "real names" will be used," said "gwyddonaid" on YouTube. "Goodbye, Google. So much for 'do no evil.' "

Emilio Osorio wrote: "What about the necessity of those involved in risky political environments and the use of Google+ as a reach out medium? How's google+ going to handle those real needs of the rest of us that are living in unsecure places (like Mexico)? Or google+ just needs to be considered as a "linkedin/facebook" thing with only rosy politically correct content?"

And said another: "No. I'll gladly give you my real name, you can keep it, give it to advertisers, I really don't care, that's OK with me, its part of the service and I understand that, but, I will not have my display name as my 'real' legal name, I just simply don't use that name with people, I don't use it on the web, its not me, I don't like it, I won't do it."

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