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7 Stories Worth Skimming

In this Feb. 27, 2006 photo provided by SeaWorld in San Diego, Calif., killer whales perform in "Believe," the new Shamu show which will explore the connection between humans and killer whales. AP, file

Here are seven stories from the "Nightly News" team that caught our attention as we get ready for tonight's broadcast.

New Bill Would Ban SeaWorld's Orca Shows

There's been growing international outrage ever since the wildly popular documentary "Blackfish" gave viewers an inside look at what the filmmaker(s) allege is inhumane treatment of killer whales at SeaWorld. Citing this film as the catalyst, California state lawmaker Richard Bloom has proposed legislation that would ban SeaWorld from using orcas in its San Diego shows.

A New Twist on Speed Reading

The new app Spritz promises to turn up the speed on reading. It works by showing sentences one word at a time, in rapid succession, cutting down on eye movement and forcing readers to consume words much faster than normal.

Oscar Pistorius' Ex Gives Stunning Testimony

The man internationally known as "Blade Runner" was unfaithful, according to his former girlfriend Samantha Taylor. Taylor gave shocking testimony in the runner's murder trial and said he cheated on her with his now deceased girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

It's All About Respect, or Is It 'R-S-P-E-C-T'?

President Obama may have mastered Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," but when it comes to "Respect," the commander-in-chief may have a lot to learn. While hosting the Women of Soul concert series, President Obama misspelled the lyrics to Aretha Franklin's famed single.

Ice Age Fossils Discovered Beneath an LA Subway

A dig for Los Angeles' newest subway line unveiled some pretty unexpected discoveries, as workers uncovered fossils that could be more than two million years old. So far, the Ice Age fossils include sand dollars, clams, and an apparent sea lion skull.

Colorado to Pot Users: Don't Drive Stoned

Ever since it legalized marijuana, Colorado has become the butt of every joke in the book, but this time the state is taking its turn. The Colorado Department of Transportation unveiled its "Drive High, Get a DUI" campaign Thursday, featuring ads poking fun at stoned people who space out while playing basketball, setting up a television and our personal favorite, trying and failing to turn on a grill.

Literally Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

This alarm actually may make you forgo the snooze button and get out of bed. Oscar Meyer has released a Wake Up and Smell the Bacon alarm app and an attachment, which releases the smell and sound of sizzling of bacon. It literally may be a bacon lover's dream.