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Burger King Baby: ‘I Just Want to Hug’ My Birth Mother

Katheryn Deprill, wife, mother of three and an emergency medical technician who devotes much of her day to protecting the lives of strangers, is now pursuing the stranger who has eluded Deprill all her life.

Deprill is in search of her biological mother. Adopted into the caring family of Brenda and Carl Hollis, she grew up in Allentown, Pa., and always knew she was adopted. She describes a happy childhood, but at the age of 12, she learned that the circumstances of her birth were headline news in 1986. Her biological mother had wrapped her in a red sweater and abandoned her as a newborn just hours old in the bathroom of a Burger King.

‘Burger King Baby’ Grateful to Birth Mother 0:46

Recently, Deprill’s adoptive mother suggested she turn to Facebook to find her biological mom, and the plea has gone viral. Deprill posted a photograph of herself and a handwritten sign reading: “Looking for my birth mother … please help me find her.” In just 10 days, it has been shared more than 31,000 times, and is one of the most-shared posts on Facebook.

In an interview with Rehema Ellis airing tonight on "Nightly News with Brian Williams," Deprill said she's let go of any anger toward her birth mother. "I am completely over that ... I am so just happy that she took care of me," Deprill said. "I want to hug her and just say thank you 'cause she could have thrown me away."

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