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Infographic: Best and Worst States for Teen Drivers

Teen drivers face an even greater risk in the summer, according to AAA, and some states have a far worse track record than others.
Teen drivers in the U.S.

As the temperature rises during the summer months, so do teen driving fatalities, making summertime the so-called “100 deadliest days” of the year, according to AAA.

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With the official start of summer upon us, personal finance website WalletHub has released a new report of the best and worst states for teen drivers. The rankings are based on the number of teen drivers per capita, strength of traffic laws, cost of car repairs and teen driver fatalities in each state.

Car crashes are the leading cause of deaths for people between the ages of 16 and 19, the highest crash rate of any other age group. During the summer months, when drivers rack up 20 million more miles than at other times of the year, the risk for teens behind the wheel multiplies.

See how your state ranks here.