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Top 14 Most Walkable U.S. Cities

The more walkable a city is, the more money it makes, according to a new study. Find out which major cities are the most walkable.
Most walkable cities

If your legs are your main mode of transport, you’re ahead of the curve. A new study claims that people in other cities should be following in your footsteps.

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Researchers at George Washington University and advocacy group Smart Growth America ranked the 30 largest U.S. cities by how walkable they are – a key figure that determines the role they’ll play in the economy, according to GWU professor Chris Leinberger.

The findings are based on how many “walkable urban places” or “WalkUPs” each city has, which are defined as neighborhoods where destinations such as homes, offices, schools, stores and restaurants are concentrated within walking distance. And according to researchers, these “WalkUPs” powerfully fuel their local economies.

For the complete report, and a list of the future’s most walkable cities, see Smart Growth America’s website.