Black Lives Matter’ Activists Interrupt Jeb Bush Rally

LAS VEGAS -- Activists chanting “Black Lives Matter” ended Jeb Bush’s town hall event in North Las Vegas Wednesday night as the former governor wrapped up a question and answer session.

Bush met privately with members of the Black Lives Matter movement prior to the scheduled town hall, according to his campaign, although they would not confirm if the activists who interrupted Bush were the same activists he had met with.

In response to a question about racial injustice earlier in the event, Bush said, “We have serious problems and these problems have gotten worse in the last few years. Communities, people no longer trust the basic institutions in our society that they need to trust to create, to make things work.”

The activists pushed back at Bush, asking how he personally relates to the issue.

Wednesday’s confrontation is not the first time Bush has found himself on defense with Black Lives Matter activists after he referred to the movement as a slogan last month in New Hampshire.

Bush’s campaign is quick to point out that the governor is focused on uniting all Americans and he has committed to having open and candid conversations with all voters.

In Las Vegas, Bush said, “The best way to solve these problems are the way that I believe Charleston solved it, rather than communities that where there was denial that there was not a serious problem.”

Black Lives Matter activists have also interrupted other candidates’ events recently, including Democratic contender Senator Bernie Sanders.