Clinton Allies Announce New National Security Group to Counter Trump

Prominent national security voices aligned with Hillary Clinton announced the formation of a new alliance aimed at countering Donald Trump’s military and foreign policy rhetoric.

The political arm of the Center for American Progress, a liberal group allied with Clinton, announced Wednesday the creation of the National Security Leadership Alliance. Prominent members include former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former CIA Director Leon E. Panetta, former U.S. Senator from Michigan Carl Levin, and former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

“We can’t lead if we alienate our critical allies,” Albright said on a conference call with reporters. “We have won every major war with powerful coalitions – not by going at it alone.”

The presumptive Republican nominee has said of the United States should become more self-dependent and has called NATO “obsolete."

Throughout the call, the group stressed their commitment to building coalitions and creating bridges as opposed to building up walls. The rhetoric was a jab at Trump’s immigration plan to construct a wall along the southern border of the United States.

“In a sense NATO is a bridge a big complex bridge that connects allies,” said former NATO Supreme Allied Commander of Europe Admiral James Stavridis. “My fundamental belief is that we are not going to create security in the 20th century by building walls; we’re going to do it by building bridges.”

Noting the variety of political and professional backgrounds of those who comprise the NSLP, Albright expressed confidence in the initiative.

“This is a group of people that are part of this alliance that know a thing or two about keeping America safe,” she said.

Albright, who served as Secretary under the Bill Clinton administration, concluded her remarks with a clear message for voters.

“I look forward very much to sharing this message in the months ahead,” Albright said. “This is a critical election and we need a steady hand of an experienced president not somebody who has no idea of the impact of the crazy words he uses.”