The Lid: How Kasich, Cruz Could Be Hurting #NeverTrump Efforts

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…Musical artist Andrew W.K. said yesterday that he has filed the “relevant paperwork” to found a new political party which -- and we are not making this up -- will be called “The Party Party.” There are no details yet available about its platform, although we assume it will include solo cups and a keg you’re never going to get the deposit back for.

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‘16 from 30,000

It may be April Fools’ Day, but John Kasich’s attacks on his GOP rivals are no joke. (See what we did there?) The Ohio governor, who has portrayed himself as the glimmer of light in the middle of a dark and stormy Republican presidential primary, has shifted strategy. On Thursday, he held a press conference specifically to hit Trump, saying the frontrunner is “not prepared” to be president. And today he said Cruz’s record “is shutting down the government and making everybody he works with upset.” (Some of our historian friends pointed out the irony given Kasich’s central role in the government shutdowns of the mid-1990s.)

The escalating Kasich v. Cruz battle is probably the more significant development, especially for the #NeverTrump efforts. The pro-Cruz super PAC has bought $500,000 worth of ads in Wisconsin knocking Kasich. A pro-Kasich super PAC responded with a TV ad in Wisconsin knocking “Lyin Ted.” Stopping Trump in the Badger State is critical to preventing him from securing the nomination, and having the allies of the two remaining non-Trump candidates duking it out doesn’t help the anti-Trump cause. Our other takeaway for all you Lid Heads to ponder over the weekend is this: Does Kasich’s change in strategy show that modern day politics simply doesn’t allow candidates to win by staying positive?



“If my experience as a partier, an entertainer and a human being has taught me anything, it’s that many of us have lost faith in our political process.”

-- Musician Andrew W.K. announcing the formation of the Party Party.


On, Wisconsin! Each of the remaining candidates will campaign in the Badger State this weekend.

And on Sunday: Republican National Chair Reince Priebus and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson sit down with Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press.”