Paul Ryan: No Endorsement is a ‘Blank Check’

Paul Ryan said no endorsement is “a blank check” and acknowledged that Donald Trump has “had a pretty strange run since the convention” during a radio interview Thursday.

The House Speaker, however, did not revoke his Trump endorsement, even after the Republican presidential nominee refused to back him ahead of next week's Wisconsin primary. But he did hint at a possible future reversal during the interview with Wisconsin’s WTAQ.

“None of these things are ever blank checks that goes with any situation in any kind of race but right now I just think it’s important that the voters…you know he won the delegates, he won the thing fair and square but it’s just that simple,” Ryan said.

He added that the only endorsement he is worried about is from the voters of his district.

Along with Trump’s refusal to back Ryan, Trump has feuded with the parents of a son killed serving in Iraq, said handling sexual harassment has “got to be up to the individual,” and declined to endorse Republican Sens. John McCain and Kelly Ayotte, both of who are in tough re-election fights.

“We just came out of our convention, and yeah he had a pretty strange run since the convention, You’d think we ought to be focusing on Hillary Clinton and all of her deficiencies, she is such weak candidate that one would think we would be on offense against Hillary Clinton and it is distressing that that’s not what we are talking about these days,” Ryan said.