Pro-Cruz SuperPAC Launches Two Attack Ads Targeting Trump

A superPAC backing Ted Cruz is launching a pair of new negative ads targeting Donald Trump for his onetime support for partial-birth abortion and for his past praise of the Texas senator himself.

The two ads from Keep the Promise I are part of a $2.5 million ad buy in Iowa and South Carolina.

One of the ads, "Extreme," features video of Trump's 1999 interview on NBC's Meet the Press, in which he said he would not ban partial-birth abortion as president.

"I am pro-choice in every respect," he said at the time.

Trump said in 2000 that he had changed his position on partial-birth abortion after learning more about the procedure from "two doctors I respect."

The other spot from Keep the Promise I features video of Trump praising Cruz as a "very popular and important figure" whose push for good government is "common sense."

"What he's doing is right," Trump says in the video from a 2014 fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida.