Trump Says He Would ‘Get Along Very Well’ With Putin

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said he is confident he would “get along very well with Vladimir Putin,” despite the contentious relationship the Russian president has had with the United States in recent years.

“I think I would get along very well with Vladimir Putin. I just think so. People say, ‘What do you mean?’ I think I would get along well with him,” Trump told reporters in Glasgow, Scotland, where he is attending the women’s British Open being played at a golf course he owns.

“He hates Obama, Obama hates him. We have unbelievably bad relationships. Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. She was the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. The world blew apart during her reign. Now she wants to be president,” Trump added.

The United States and Russia have been at odds over a number of international issues during President Barack Obama's tenure, most notably Russia's 2014 incursion into Ukraine. The move resulted in the United States and its allies issuing heavy sanctions against Russia.

A Quinnipiac poll released Thursday morning showed Trump with a commanding lead over the GOP presidential field, garnering support from 20 percent of Republican voters nationally. Following Trump was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at 13 percent and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 10 percent.

But, the poll also found Trump trailing Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders by significant margins in a general election matchup.

The real-estate mogul was also asked about his thoughts on big game hunting after an American hunter killed a well-known lion in Africa.

“So you don’t think there is anything controversial about people going to Africa and then shooting endangered species?” Trump was asked.

“I’m not necessarily in favor of it, I know nothing about it,” Trump said.