Wasserman Schultz Coy on Future as DNC Chair

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz told NBC News’ Chuck Todd she is focused on electing a Democratic president but would not definitively say she will be head of the DNC come November.

Exclusive: DNC Chair on Sanders, Russian Hack 13:05

“I am going to continue to work to elect a Democratic president...Democrats will come together as we should to make sure that we can defeat Donald Trump and elect our party’s nominee,” Wasserman Schultz said in an exclusive interview Tuesday on MSNBC’s MTP Daily. “We’re all going to be one team after this primary is over.”

Earlier in the day, Bernie Sanders called for new leadership in the DNC while laying out a list of reforms he vowed to fight for in the coming weeks. Sanders and Wasserman Schultz have sparred throughout the Democratic presidential primary, most notably over the number of debates sanctioned throughout the Democratic nominating contest.

But Wasserman Schultz would not say whether her future as the head of the DNC could be a bargaining chip as Sanders and Hillary Clinton attempt to unify the party after a tough primary fight. The Florida congresswoman also would not say whether Clinton has expressed confidence in her to remain the group's chair.

And while addressing the other big story impacting the DNC on Tuesday, Wasserman Schultz said the Russian government cyber operations team that breached the committee’s computers only was able to access opposition research.

“We have a network that is now clean and there was no personal information of our donors, no access of our voter file,” Wasserman Schultz said.